Believe In Me By Lana Williams

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Release!

I’m thrilled to be on RomCon® today to share my latest release, Believe In Me! This is the third book in The Vengeance Trilogy.

Here’s a little bit about it:

A knight determined to honor his vow.
A lady set on vengeance.
Only love stood in their way.

Lady Cristiana’s plan to seek revenge against her mother’s murderer is cut short when a world-weary knight arrives to escort her to her new guardian, a powerful bishop. Cristiana refuses to become a ward of the bishop whom she suspects was involved in her mother’s death, but the knight leaves her no choice.

Sir William de Bremont hopes to earn a second chance at the life he was given but believes he doesn’t deserve. Serving the bishop seems the perfect solution, except Lady Cristiana thwarts him at every turn, captivating him body and soul.

Cristiana has the unique ability to heal the sick through her touch. Accustomed to hiding her gift, the wall she’s built to protect herself crumbles under William’s passionate regard. Honor-bound to deliver her despite her protests and his own doubts, William reluctantly fulfills his vow only to realize the depth of his mistake.

As William and Cristiana’s love grows, they realize the bishop plans to use her ability to fulfill his own destiny with little concern for the life of others, including Cristiana’s. The bishop’s treachery comes to light, forcing Cristiana to choose between revenge or the love of a lifetime.

This book is the last in the trilogy, so I am a little sad to say goodbye to these characters! My next series will be set in Victorian London, and I’m eager to explore that setting.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Believe In Me:

“Are you Lady Cristiana?”

Those large eyes narrowed. “Who would be asking?”

“I’m Sir William de Bremont. I was sent by Bishop Duval to escort you to him.”

Her lips pursed, and he could tell she debated lying to him about her identity.

“So close,” she muttered as she closed her eyes for a moment.

“Pardon?” he asked, not certain he’d heard her correctly.

“Never mind.” She folded her arms over her chest. “I appreciate you coming, but I am not going with you.”

Perplexed, William could only stare. “Refusal is not an option.”

“Of course it is. You’ve asked me to accompany you, and I have refused. I believe our business is complete. I’m sorry you’ve wasted your time.” She turned away but William caught her elbow.

“This is not an invitation, my lady, but an order.”

“An order?” She scoffed, then leaned around him to look past his shoulder, her gaze scanning the crowd. Apparently satisfied with what she saw, she faced him once again.

“How much?”


She rubbed her fingers together. “What will it cost?”

“To do what?”

“For you to forget you saw me.”

Surprised, William could think of no response except to stare at her. How odd—she didn’t look daft. “I fear there’s been some misunderstanding.”

“Good heavens, sir. What is it you don’t understand?” she asked, her agitation increasing. “What is the bishop paying you? I will do my best to double it if you forget you saw me and let me continue on my way.”

William shook his head, taken aback by her boldness. “My services are not for sale.”

Lady Cristiana scoffed. “Everyone is for sale, including you. The bishop hired you, correct? Now name your price and be quick, else the sisters will discover me and your opportunity will be lost.” She tapped her finger against her lips impatiently. “Out with it, sir. Quickly.”

“My lady—”

She peeked over his shoulder yet again and her eyes widened in alarm. With a gasp, she stepped closer, gripping the front of his surcoat as though she suddenly found him irresistible.

Her gaze found his, those eyes now soft and warm, their panicked depths dragging him in. “Please. Please, good sir, I beg you. Will you aid me?”

She stretched up on her toes, her lips parted a hair’s breadth from his. He could already taste their sweet fruit, feel the warm press of her lush body against his. Blood rushed to his nether regions, leaving his thoughts far behind.

What had been her plea?

He caught himself not a moment too late, for he had very nearly nodded in agreement, prepared to fulfill her every wish. Where was his honor? His sense of duty?

“I’ve given the bishop my word to deliver you to Longsbury.”

“Truly? Of all the knights who could’ve been sent to fetch me, the bishop managed to find one bound by honor rather than a few coins? Just my rotten luck.” She released his surcoat and sighed. “You had best seek out the sisters and tell them you’ve found me before they tear apart the fair searching. The villagers will not take kindly to a disruption of their celebration.”

He smiled, amused by her clever attempt to escape him. “And leave you unaccompanied? I think not. I’m certain the sisters would prefer to see for themselves that you are safe.”

She scowled at him. “You’re not the trusting sort, are you?”

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About Lana: Lana Williams writes historical romance filled with mystery, adventure, and a pinch of paranormal. Her medieval romances begin with A Vow To Keep, the first in The Vengeance Trilogy, followed by Trust In Me and Believe In Me.

Filled with a love of books from an early age, Lana put pen to paper and decided happy endings were a must in any story she created. She writes in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, two growing sons, and two dogs.

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