Boots Under Her Bed By Jodi Thomas

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Jodi Thomas and acclaimed authors Jo Goodman, Alison Kent and Kaki Warner present novellas about rugged men of the West and the women who want them.

Callie has done a lot of crazy things, but it’ll take one more to prove she isn’t nuts: find a husband, fast!

I've always loved writing anthologies.  BOOTS UNDER HER BED is my thirteenth and
my favorite so far.  Who knows, maybe I identified with Callie because, after all, writers often worry about their sanity from time to time.  We walk in more than one world.  We talk to people who aren't there and we fall in love with characters who love only between the covers of books.

I wanted to open my story with a girl, Callie, who is desperate to marry, so desperate that she'll do anything to find a husband.  So the story opens with Callie and her best friend searching the alley behind the saloons for a man who will agree to two things: 1) marry her and 2) not commit her.

Thanks to her step-father and a few crazy things she's done in her youth, Callie is worried that she may not only loose her family ranch, but her freedom as well.

Luke Morgan has lost everything and is drinking away his troubles when a woman finds him and offers marriage.  As he sobers up to what he's agreed to, he finds a gentle caring wife that he wants to protect.  Their love story runs deep as they both find the one thing they are wanting...a place to belong.

Luke decides to stand beside her no matter what people say about her.  

When Callie meets Luke, she thinks him a plain man, but as she grows to know him he becomes more handsome.  I've always thought that was true in life.  Most people, as you get to know them, either grow better looking or ugly up. 

So, cuddle up in your favorite chair and enjoy my story about CRAZY CALLIE.  I guarantee you'll enjoy. One lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win an autographed copy of BOOTS UNDER HER BED.