Hint Of Desire By Lavinia Kent

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Worlds – at least kind of

It’s hard to say good-bye, even when it’s not forever. At about the same time that I finish writing the last words of this blog, I am preparing to publish my last Real Duchesses of London novella.t (It should be up for Kindle the first week in April.) Georgianna, The Last Real Duchess will be the last story that I am currently writing in my set Regency world, the last book with the same overlapping characters who have appeared in all my other novels. (Probably not the last ever, because there is definitely a certain duke who has a story he wants to share, and there is one younger sister who is growing up fast – but the last for a while.)

This is a hard break for me. Even this summer, when I published Hint of Desire, the first in my Desire Trilogy, I stayed in the same world and just moved to an earlier time, telling the stories that I’d always known were there. I had great fun sharing this earlier peek into my world, and loved being able to revisit and rediscover characters I already knew.

I’ve loved this world and sometimes can forget that the characters aren’t real. I’d swear, there are moments when Lady Smythe-Burke, my older busybody, whispers advice in my ear. She is the hardest character for me to let go. I’ve wondered if I could just bring her over, but think it would be odd if she suddenly stopped referring to her relatives and friends. I still may have her visit at some point. (I’ve actually debated making her a secret time traveller so that she can visit any world I write, anywhere, anytime.) Most of my other characters have had their stories told, and I am happy with where they are and am ready to leave them to their happily-ever-afters.

What makes this strange for me is that I am staying in the Regency, just switching things around a bit. I originally decided to switch worlds when I was thinking about trying something dramatically different. I decided against the big change, but the freedom of a new world appealed to me. I have to admit that I was feeling tired of always trying to be sure that nothing I said contradicted what I’d said before – and I wanted new people – my current world just didn’t have enough dukes. LOL.

So what is different in my new world? It’s still Regency England; the landscape is the same, the clothes are the same, the politics . . .

I guess what’s different is that everything is just a little bit more: the men are more alpha, the women are more desperate, the love scenes -- well, we’ll just leave it at this: everything is raised up a level (or two or three).

I’ve always had a not so secret love of Harlequin Presents and many times I’ve heard it said that they’re not that different than Historicals -- powerful (not always nice) men and the women who love them. I want those characters in my books and so I am going to dive in and do it, create my own Regency world filled with ultra-alpha dukes and beautiful, but not-too-beautiful women who are ready to take them on.

So what do I need in this new world?

Dukes (and maybe a Marquess or an Earl or two) – beautiful ultra-Alpha men with hidden reasons for keeping their emotions in check.

Ladies tied together with a bond of sisterhood – in my case they will all have a desperate need to be married by the end of a single season – the reasons may vary, but the desperation is real.

An older matchmaker – yes, I can’t quite let my dreams of Lady Smythe-Burke go.

A couple of balls – Why write Regencies if you can’t enjoy the clothes?

Dangerous situations – mistaken identity, a kidnapping, marriages of convenience, a secret baby, an evil other woman. I’ve loved these plot devices for years and can’t wait to try my hand at giving old tricks a new twist.

And . . .

Give me suggestions for what else I need (or tell me your favorite plot device) and I’ll send one lucky winner either a signed copy of What a Duke Wants or a Kindle Gift Certificate for one of my other books.

And, as a special gift for all the rest of you, I have Price of Desire up for free through midnight tonight (March 30th).

Thank you so much for having me – and happy reading,