Keepsake by Heather Boyd

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I’m so pleased to be on RomCom today to announce the release of my latest regency romance novel, Keepsake. Keepsake is the fifth book in the Distinguished Rogues series and it completes a plot line that was first mentioned in Chills, Book 1 of the series. A little about Keepsake: The Marquess of Taverham married young and fast with his eye firmly on his bride’s dowry as the means to repair the family fortunes for the next generation. Too late he discovered his new wife wasn’t going to make achieving all of his dreams that easy.

An Excerpt from Keepsake:

“I believe you are seated in my place.”

Kit closed his eyes and willed the voice of his wife to leave him in peace. Miranda’s place at his side had been empty for so long. He had at last reconciled to never seeing her or hearing her voice again. It’s too late now.

Emily jostled against his sleeve. “I don’t agree.”

Had he spoken out loud? He’d been a poor escort so far, burdened by a heavy heart in the face of his decision. “Forgive me, my dear,” he murmured. “My mind wandered for a moment and I spoke out of turn.”

Emily turned fully to look behind him. “Madam, you are simply in the wrong box.”

Oh. There was always someone blundering into a box in search of friends and vacant seats. He pinched the bridge of his nose. He’d leave Emily to shoo them away.

Emily had been a great comfort to him. She alone out of all his friends had counseled patience when taking his next step to secure a wife and heir, especially since his first attempt had been thwarted by Miranda’s sudden and shocking disappearance. She’d understood and accepted his hesitation. He could have taken steps to have Miranda declared dead three years ago. No one had heard news of her, but with no body found there still seemed a chance she lived, so he’d continued to delay. The problem now was that Kit was having trouble letting her memory go. She had made a lasting impression on him, despite their short time together.

Married a day. Not even the wedding night spent together.

It was the two dozen nights spent in her bed before the wedding that made Miranda impossible to forget.

“Unfortunately not.” A feminine sigh sounded behind him, one edged with sadness and regret. “I’ll allow you to lay claim to the chair in Taverham’s box for the night, but the man you cling to so firmly is certainly taken.”

The hair on the back of Kit’s neck prickled with awareness, but he dared not turn around. It was only a waking dream of Miranda. He had chased after shadows for a very long time. He was done with hoping that she would be found or return to him of her own accord.

Emily’s fingers tightened over his sleeve in a startlingly strong grip. She gasped suddenly. “Why have you returned to haunt us?”

“Haunt you?” the voice taunted. “I’m not a shade of times past. I merely intend to make sure you understand that he cannot offer for you, even if he wished to.”

Kit’s heart raced. He did recognize that voice, even after so long apart. Miranda’s voice had never failed to send shivers down his spine with just a few words.

The comedic actress on stage faltered and fell silent, her gaze turning to his box. She lifted one arm to point and then used the other to cover her mouth as if she were stunned. With the performance so suddenly halted, the audience followed the actress’s direction to stare at his box too. By his estimation, several thousand sets of eyes turned to discover the source of her distress. It was not a pleasant feeling by any stretch of the imagination to be the focus of such widespread scrutiny.

Lady Brighthurst stroked his arm. “I’m not in receipt of an offer of marriage, but I can assure you I am wanted here tonight.”

“Tonight perhaps, but come morning the whole of London shall know your efforts to win yourself a marquess will amount to exactly nothing,” Miranda’s voice said mockingly.

“Enjoy the theater, my dear. I am sorry the dowager marchioness has led your hopes on a fool’s errand. Everyone is usually so blunt about the practicalities of marriage to Taverham. I remember his guardians left me with no illusions of marital felicity thanks to your existence.”

Unable to remain seated, Kit stood and spun around. His breath ceased in his lungs and he took an involuntary step forward when he saw the woman standing behind him. Miranda! This could not be real. Not now. How could his wife come back to him when he’d just made the decision to bury her memory?

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