Love Heals The Broken by Rachel M. Sparks

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What Will It Take To Break A Man.... 

Benjamin Durham is proud of his three sons, Aaron, Ethan, Tim, his daughter-in-law Ruby and his twin grandsons Charles and Christopher. Things are going great on his 250,000 acre ranch and with his family. Then tragedy strikes one right after another. Can Ben's faith and trust in God see him through? Or will the fires of hell be too much for one man?

1 Corinthians 10:13  No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it. Although while we are going through the trials and fires we feel like we are all alone or that we can’t handle it. But if we keep our focus on God and follow His lead we will make it through it. God will take our trials and fires and turn them around and bring forth miracles and make us stronger.

We will also come out better than when we went into it.We also need to see what we can learn from all these trials and fires. We also need to look at our own lives and see where we can make changes.

Here is an excerpt from Love Heals The Broken:
Later that night Ben was rubbing Aaron’s back humming to him; Aaron was humming and falling asleep. 

Ethan walked in and sat down in a chair nearby. “You ready to take him home? Do you think you can handle him? Are you through drinking?” 

Sitting on the edge of Aaron’s bed as he rubbed his son’s back he stopped humming and looked up at Ethan. He was worried that he couldn’t honestly answer if he was through with that part of his life. “Ethan, it is my desire to be through with it yes. I can’t promise I’ll know what or how to take care of Aaron either.” He looked around the room Ethan had made him. “And I have a feeling he has been very well cared for here; but that too is my desire to do and I can say I will try my best.” 

Ethan studied Ben. “Hmm, maybe Aaron would be better off with someone else.” He knew that remark probably hurt Ben. He wasn’t too sure why he even said it.  

Aaron turned his head and looked at Ben. “mmm pppaa hmmm hmmm ppaa.”  

Ethan watched Ben. “I know you need a second chance but part of me is still very upset with you. I know maybe it is wrong.”  Ben shook his head. “No son,” he looked at Ethan, “you have every right to feel the way you do. I will tell you one thing I won’t let you send him to someone else to care for. If he isn’t staying here then he will be coming back to his home at the ranch and that I will fight you on if I have to.”

Ben looked at Ethan very seriously.  Ethan looked at him. “Pa, somehow you think you are not the man you used to be. You are. You just crawled inside of a bottle instead of fighting for Aaron. Right there you said you would fight me over it before sending him away. Then you need to fight for Aaron. Work with him. Jake is a good doctor and no he isn’t after Aaron to adopt him. I just said that to see how you felt about Aaron.”

Ethan stood up and waited to see what Ben said.  

Aaron grabbed Ben’s hand. “pppaa pppaa hmmmm ome ome.”  

Ben looked up at Ethan, “Son, I won’t fight you here not in front of Aaron. He understands more than you think. As for Jake I don’t know him. I’m not in habit of just giving away my trust any more then you are.”  

Ethan looked at Ben, “Pa that is not what I am saying. I’m saying get that Ben Durham that is a fighter back. You haven’t lost that person. You just think you have cause you did crawl inside of that bottle. Now, I want you to become that person.” He walked over and tapped Ben’s chest. “That is in there to come back.”  

After Ethan had left Ben alone with Aaron, Ben looked down at Aaron and rubbed Aaron’s back. He whispered, “But son, I don’t know if I can get that Ben back. I’m not so sure of myself any more. I have been broken and don’t know if I can be made whole.”

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