Loving Lady Marcia by Kieran Kramer

Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Fun Facts about the writing of LOVING LADY MARCIA:

1)    Before I settled down into writing an organic Regency tale that pays only light homage to the TV series “The Brady Bunch,”  I had to get a spoofy opening chapter out of my system that was never intended to go into the book. In that fun chapter, the young Lady Marcia has a huge crush on a singing footman named Davy who works in the Marquess of Brady’s household. He has shiny, brown hair cut in a bowl shape.  Those of you who remember the TV series will remember the iconic episode with Davy Jones from The Monkees, who wound up asking Marcia to her school dance.

2)     I never reference the meaning of the Lattimore brothers’ names in the story, but Finnian means “fair,” and Duncan means “dark,” which corresponds with their looks--and at first, seems to correspond to their personalities. 3) I actually wrote the lyrics for “The Kissing Flower,” the ballad Duncan composes for Marcia after he kisses her for the first time:   

Verse 1:    
You ask me why my heart is sore    
Just look beyond that open door    
You’ll see the lass I’ve been pining for    
A woman like no other.     

Verse 2:    
I kissed her mouth, as sweet as wine    
Found heaven in blue eyes so fine    
In her golden locks, I tucked a sign    
Of my own heart’s affection.       

I left my love in a cool, soft bower    
A-wearing my own kissing flower.    
And it shall be a long, long hour    
Before I see her again.     

Verse 3:    
I know not when my soul aggrieved    
Found hope again, in love believed    
But with her near, a dream was weaved    
From dark and dreary shadows.    
We’ve spun a life of finest gold    
Where love stays young as we grow old    
And hearts are light, and babes are told    
The grand and glorious story, that…     

I left my love in a cool, soft bower    
A-wearing my own kissing flower.    
But it shall be a distant hour    
Before I leave her again.    
Before I leave her again….  

4) Because I’m an English teacher, in every story I write, I include a few lines of well-known poetry or reference a famous novel or play. In this story, on the way to a sexy, secret rendezvous with Duncan, Marcia recalls a few lines of Shakespeare from one of Juliet’s passionate speeches to Romeo. And Duncan loves to read the novel Gulliver’s Travels aloud to his servants.

5)I didn’t know the background story of Caroline--Lady Brady--until I was over halfway through the book and was as surprised as anyone when I found out her lowly origins.

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