Passionate Secrets by Lana Williams

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Thank you for hosting me, RomCon! I’m excited to share my latest release, Passionate Secrets. This story is the second in The Secret Trilogy and is set in Victorian London.

The idea for this trilogy involved following three lords who were all injured in an electromagnetic experiment that went awry at university. Their lives were forever changed by the events of this night. As a result of the electromagnetism charge, each man now has the ability to see auras, but only a particular kind. Stephen, the first lord featured in Unraveling Secrets, sees auras of good and evil. Needless to say, this leaves him a very tortured man. Michael, the second lord in Passionate Secrets, sees auras of success and failure. Lucas, the third lord which will be featured in Shattered Secrets, sees...well...I’m not sharing that one yet.  I like surprises, don’t you? The final book in the trilogy will be released early 2015.

Here’s a little bit about Passionate Secrets:

Michael Drury, Viscount Weston, treats life like a business, shunning personal connections at all costs to avoid the passion that ultimately destroyed his parents. Discovering drab governess Emma Grisby in his library is a shock, especially since her uncle appears to have risen from the grave with deadly intent. He suspects her of working with her uncle and devises a scheme to watch her.

Desperate to aid her family, Emma reluctantly agrees to Michael’s offer to give her a season with the hopes of finding a wealthy husband. She trusts no man and does her best to ignore her growing feelings for the handsome viscount.

Watching Emma transform into a beautiful, confident woman is more than Michael bargained for. He fears losing control of his carefully ordered life when his love for her intensifies. As passions collide and secrets are revealed, Michael and Emma must decide if they are strong enough to risk their hearts, and possibly their lives, for love.

This story has a bit of a My Fair Lady twist as Emma is transformed from a drab governess into a beautiful lady ready to be part of the ton. I love stories where the characters change in some manner.

Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the story:

Michael Drury, Viscount Weston, had to stop himself from whistling as he entered his townhome on Park Lane. What would the neighbors say at such ungentlemanly behavior? Still, his good mood couldn’t be repressed. His meeting with Adolphus Vandimer had gone swimmingly. Soon, not only would he have a significant interest in Vandimer’s lucrative shipping venture, his family’s country estate would be returned to its rightful ownership.

Oh—he’d nearly forgotten—he’d have a wife as well. A brilliant business arrangement all around, if he did say so himself. He ignored the tug of regret at releasing his boyhood dream of marrying for love and having a real family. Such things were best left discarded on the schoolroom floor. His parents’ relationship had certainly convinced him of that.

“Good day to you, my lord.” His ever efficient, if dour, butler greeted him.

“And to you, Jeffries.”

“There’s a young lady to see you.”

“With a worthy charitable endeavor?” That had become a regular occurrence of late.
Some were commendable. Most were not. While requests were normally handled by his man of business, the more passionate believers often found their way to his home. Jeffries had become adept at sorting through those who called on Michael directly. These days, there was no end to the people who came to plea for one project or another. Everyone wanted something from him now that he had money.

“She says her business is personal in nature. Her name is Miss Emma Grisby.”

Michael froze, astonished at this turn of events. Emotions rolled through him, one at a time, until he was no longer certain how he felt. Never mind that the first one had been pleasure.

“Shall I send her away?” Jeffries asked. “She appears to be in rather desperate circumstances.”

“I’m sure she does.” Michael bit back disappointment. Not her, too. Or was she here as part of some scheme her beloved uncle had plotted...if he truly lived? “I’ll see her.”

He gave a grim smile and tried to tell himself he welcomed this meeting. At last he could put away his idyllic reminiscences and see her for what she’d become. Yet the idea of listening to some lie she’d concocted caused a knot to form in the pit of his stomach.
Unwelcome, memories of her as a young girl drifted through his mind, pulling at him. She’d been only fifteen or sixteen when he’d known her ten years ago. Her uncle, Professor Grisby, had lived with her family and served as a father to her and her siblings. While they’d lived modestly, they always seemed to have such fun with each other. That was something with which he had no experience.

The contrast between his last two visits had been startling. At the earlier one, her mother had been teaching her to dance.

Emma’s big brown eyes had been lit with innocent delight, her face filled with joy as her mother whirled her about the room, humming a waltz. Emma had laughed. Oh, how she’d laughed. The sound struck Michael, reverberating through him and filling him with longing. Never had he shared an experience like that with his mother or father.

Then he’d taken a turn with her. It had been a night he’d never forgotten. One that changed his view of families forever, especially his own.

The next time he’d seen her—at Professor Grisby’s funeral two months later—couldn’t have been more different. The devastation carved into Emma’s expression had twisted his heart. All that delight snuffed out. Those brown eyes dark with the weight of her shattered world.

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