The Lady And The Lawman By Jennifer Zane

Blog Diva - Saturday, July 27, 2013

I just spent the day with my kids at a Civil War reenactment in Maryland. I'm a little obsessed with them. Every time we go east to visit family, I look up online the nearest reenactment and drag my kids. Today's events were great. Small, not crowded. And most of all, not hot.

How on earth did people fight wars wearing wool pants and coats? The ladies wore big hoop skirts with long sleeves and high collars. They didn't have ice packs. They didn't have air conditioning. The didn't even have ice cubes to cool a drink. Read More

Duchess By Susan May Warren

Blog Diva - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

About Duchess:

The golden age of Hollywood is in the business of creating stars, and Rosie Worth – now starlet Roxy Price - has found everything she hopes for in the glittering world of the silver screen. With adoring fans and a studio-mogul husband, she’s finally silenced the voices – and grief- of the past. Her future shines bright until that fated black Friday when it all comes crashing in. Her husband, Dashielle Parks loses everything, and when he takes his life, he leaves behind a bankrupt studio, a mistress and an illegitimate child. Roxy suddenly finds herself disgraced and penniless in a world of glamour. Her only hope is to get her inherited studio back in the red, even if she has to join forces with wealthy investor Rolfe Van Horne, Belgian Duke and long time movie investor. But Rolfe is not who he seems and has other plans for Roxy and her movies, plans that include supporting a growing unrest in Europe. Plans that will break her heart and just might get her killed. Worse, when her country needs her, will she have the courage to surrender her glittering world…and the true love she’s always thirsted for? An epic 1930’s tale of glamour and riches and the true cost of both.  Read More

The Sword Dancer By Jeannie Lin

Blog Diva - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

RomCon – Special Sneak Peek

Love romance and adventure? Here’s a special sneak peek at The Sword Dancer, the start of a new historical romance series set in Tang Dynasty China. Available May 21, 2013 in print and June 1, 2013 in ebook.


Thief-catcher Han was reclined in a wooden tub behind the screen. His legs were bent, pulling his knees above the water line. His eyes were closed, head rested back against the rim, and his hair was untied and loose about his face. The effect, combined with the fullness of his lips, was disturbingly sensual.  Read More

A Convenient Pretense By Elaine Violette

Blog Diva - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When I am reading an historical romance, I enjoy the spunky, sometimes snarky dialogue between the hero and heroine that eventually leads to a closer encounter. In my previous novel, Regal Reward, a notorious highwayman, kidnaps the rebellious daughter of an aristocrat and gets much more than he bargained for. In A Convenient Pretense, my newest release, a handsome earl refuses to believe that a young, beautiful woman prefers to become an old maid, rather than marry him. Here’s a brief excerpt between Marcus and Emily in A Convenient Pretense.

“Yes, you were going to say something else?”

“Reading,” Emily replied, perhaps too abruptly. “My father and I both love to read.” Read More

Highland Surrender By Tracy Brogan

Blog Diva - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

By Tracy Brogan

Like most women, I have variable mood settings. Sometimes I am joyful and want to make those around me laugh. And sometimes I strive to create a little drama. Luckily for me, (and my long-suffering family) I happen to write in two different genres. This allows me to exorcise whatever emotion is taking charge at any given moment.

When I want to daydream about summer afternoons lounging on a beach, I write contemporary, romantic comedies. Stories where the sand is warm, the men are hot, and the sexual tension is scorching.  Read More

A Note Of Scandal By Nicky Penttila

Blog Diva - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How true do you expect historical fiction to be?

I recently “proof-listened” to the audio version of my romantic historical novel, A Note of Scandal. It sounded fantastic, better than I ever expected. Except for one tiny detail: The narrator kept mispronouncing the name of a British ship, the Bellerophon. I thought maybe I’d misheard it in my head all these years, so I asked the producers if they’d used a different source. No—they’d just assumed I’d made up the name of the ship. Read More

Vain By Jill Hughey

Blog Diva - Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Promiscuous heroes – yes or no? Though I’m here to talk about my new release, Vain, I’ve also been thinking about the heroes I’ve created in my historical romance series. My men differ from those portrayed in the books I “borrowed” from my mom’s library at a much too tender age, and even from the archetype of today.

Decades ago, in the bodice-ripper days of historical romance, most heroes were what I would consider promiscuous or, at the very least, constantly sexually active. The hero's pattern is interrupted when the oh-so-virginal heroine arrives on the scene. He is suddenly repelled by the offerings of the barmaid he has tumbled regularly since he was sixteen. He must immediately dismiss his mistress - one in a long line of mistresses - by giving her a splendid diamond necklace. Read More

The Sweetest Kiss By Marie Higgins

Blog Diva - Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Adorable Heroes

What makes a hero adorable? Is it because he’s good looking? Built like a body-builder?

Or is it because he has a funny personality?

Well…I happen to think it’s all the above plus more! If the hero doesn’t know how to treat the heroine – he’s rude to her, doesn’t respect her, doesn’t want to do special things for her – then he isn’t a very good hero, in my opinion. Heroes can start out with faults in the beginning of a story. They can even be a little bit immature. Let’s face it…nobody is perfect. Right? Stories are about character development. It’s not fun to read about a perfect hero all the way through the story. At least not for me. Read More

Hint Of Desire By Lavinia Kent

Blog Diva - Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Worlds – at least kind of

It’s hard to say good-bye, even when it’s not forever. At about the same time that I finish writing the last words of this blog, I am preparing to publish my last Real Duchesses of London novella.t (It should be up for Kindle the first week in April.) Georgianna, The Last Real Duchess will be the last story that I am currently writing in my set Regency world, the last book with the same overlapping characters who have appeared in all my other novels. (Probably not the last ever, because there is definitely a certain duke who has a story he wants to share, and there is one younger sister who is growing up fast – but the last for a while.)

This is a hard break for me. Even this summer, when I published Hint of Desire, the first in my Desire Trilogy, I stayed in the same world and just moved to an earlier time, telling the stories that I’d always known were there. I had great fun sharing this earlier peek into my world, and loved being able to revisit and rediscover characters I already knew. Read More

Against The Wind By Regan Walker

Blog Diva - Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Paris, 1812

Sir Martin Powell dragged his fingers through his hair and poured himself a glass of brandy, the only luxury his small office afforded. Though he loved his work and never questioned his duty to the Crown, the last few days had not been pleasant.

For days he’d watched the soldiers stumble into Paris from the Russian warfront, gaunt, pale men, their uniforms in tatters and their faces reflecting the gruesome deaths they witnessed. Many more—hundreds of thousands from Napoleon’s Grande Armée—would never be coming home. Though almost all of England would rejoice, the slaughter sickened Martin. But the Crown expected him to wait and watch. And to send reports of all he observed.  Read More