The Rebel's Promise By Jane Godman

Blog Diva - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hi, it’s such a thrill to be invited to contribute to the RomCon Historical blog. I’m incredibly excited to be talking about my debut novel, The Rebel’s Promise.

But, before I rush on and do that, let me tell you a bit about myself, and why I love historical romances! I was ten when I read ‘Murder Most Royal’ by Jean Plaidy and I was instantly hooked on British and European history.

At the age of twelve, I discovered a tattered Georgette Heyer novel on my mum’s bookshelf. I devoured it in a day and I was spellbound. It was ‘These Old Shades’, which is set in the mid-1700s. As much as I love Regency novels, I find myself drawn to the earlier Georgian era. I think it’s because the characters have more opportunities to misbehave. It was a scandalous time (think Les Liaisons Dangereuses) and I love the fashions! Give me a hero in a cloak and a powdered wig …

I am captivated by the way great writers of historical romance use dialogue to skilfully set the scene. I also love it when the historical setting is so real it becomes another character, transporting you effortlessly back in time.  Read More

A Most Scandalous Proposal By Ashlyn Macnamara

Blog Diva - Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Writing Inspiration

Hello RomCon readers! I am tremendously excited today, because my first ever published book is making its debut. If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to tell you a little bit about where I got some of my inspiration.

When an author sets out to write a book, she draws her inspiration from something in her surroundings. It might be that hot actor she likes to drool over, who suddenly looks like her hero. She might pull an element out of her favorite movie. She might find some unexplored territory in the last book she read.  Read More


Blog Diva - Tuesday, February 05, 2013

While Jenny packed up the remains of the picnic basket, she and Hadley strolled along the water's edge, tossing leftover crumbs to the swans. Gazing at the graceful birds who barely stirred the shimmering waters, Mary felt as if she had stepped into a dream. Yet the afternoon had passed all too quickly and the thought of what awaited her upon her return—Sir Richard and further discussion of her marriage filled her with dismay. She tossed out the last of her breadcrumbs with a sigh, and found her wistful gaze lingering on Lord Hadley.

In the past couple of hours, she had begun to relax, to be herself. She no longer felt so tongue tied and shy, but she still couldn't quite puzzle him out. It was almost as if he was two different men inhabiting one body. At times he was the most noble Conte di Caserta, a model of urbanity, but then in unguarded moments, he revealed with a suggestive word, a wicked look, or an intimate touch, a playful, teasing side, as if he forgot his noble mask.

He caught her staring and Mary swiftly averted her gaze.

"You are distressed?" he asked softly. "Why?"

"It's nothing," she answered.

"Your sigh betrays you, Miss Edwardes."

"Was it really aloud?" She hadn't realized she'd given away her thoughts.

"Sweet and sad, it was. I have failed to divert you. Perhaps I should have thought of something else." Read More

A Year Of Reinvention By Victoria Vane

Blog Diva - Tuesday, January 22, 2013

While my writing career official launched in April of 2010 with my romantic historical fiction debut, THE HIGHEST STAKES (writing as Emery Lee), after experiencing several major career setbacks, I decided it was time to change gears. My first foray into the steamier side of historical romance occurred only a year ago with an erotic historical romance novella entitled A BREACH OF PROMISE , loosely inspired by a Georgian era play, The Belle's Stratagem. It has also recently been nominated for TRS's CAPA award.

Although I originally intended to keep my two writing personas completely separate, over time, Emery Lee and Victoria Vane have converged in that all of my newer work contains both a high degree of historical detail as well as a scorching romance. This equal passion for history and romance has become my author trademark. Read More

Waiting For Morning By Margaret Brownley

Blog Diva - Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Love and Laughter from N.Y. Times Bestselling Author Margaret Brownley

When a Lady Says “I Won’t!”

In 1861 fifty ladies of the first Church of Milford in New York formed a society of old maids. It cost five dollars to join the group and members had to vow never to marry. The interest earned from the money paid for the annual dinner, with the principal going to the woman who remained unmarried the longest.  Read More

The Road Back By Liz Harris

Blog Diva - Tuesday, January 08, 2013

In October, 2011, a dream came true when I learnt that the award-winning publisher Choc Lit was going to publish THE ROAD BACK in September 2012. It was an unbelievable moment, and I’m still pinching myself to make sure that I really am awake.

My novel has been described as ‘a sumptuous tale of love and adventure in the sweeping and little-known backdrop of Ladakh, north of the Himalayas … which throws together two people from radically different cultures with explosive results.’  Read More

Trust In Me By Lana Williams

Blog Diva - Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Traditions in Medieval Times

Happy Holidays, RomCon Readers! It is lovely to return to chat about my latest release, Trust In Me, the second medieval romance in the Vengeance Trilogy. I have a sneak peek for you as well as a free Kindle e-book of the story for one lucky commenter!

I am often asked why I like to write about medieval times. I enjoy history in general but especially the medieval period -- knights, ladies, swords, chain mail, jousts, and honor. Awesome stuff! I love learning all the details of daily life, including how holidays were celebrated.

As with many Christian holidays, Christmas was a blending of pagan and Christian celebrations. William I of England chose to be crowned on Christmas Day in 1066 AD, so it has been an important holiday for centuries. Did you know that gift giving at Christmas dates back to the medieval period? This was originally done between tenant and lord, but generosity was the spirit of the day.  Read More

A Warrior For Christmas By Beth Trissel

Blog Diva - Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Will he remain with her or find the call of the wild irresistible?

In A Warrior for Christmas, I contrasted Corwin Whitfield’s hard-won life as an adopted Shawnee warrior in the colonial frontier with his new privileged life in a well-to-do home outside of Philadelphia. After wealthy Uncle Randolph reclaims Corwin following a treaty with the Indians that requires the return of white captives, he’s given a swift course in etiquette and hustled back into the fashionable world of colonial high society. Expectations that Corwin will learn to manage and ultimately inherit the family estate and undertake the care of his uncle’s ward, Dimity Scott, clash with his restless desire to return to the frontier. Any hope that Corwin might take the unexpectedly appealing Dimity with him dissipate when he realizes the odds of her survival in such a rugged land. Dimity is deaf—risky in the frontier where every sense must be tuned to danger.  Read More

To Challenge The Earl Of Cravenswood By Bronwen Evans

Blog Diva - Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Interviewing Henry St. Giles, Earl of Cravenswood...

Today I’m introducing a visitor, Henry St. Giles, the Earl of Cravenswood, the hero in my latest Regency release, To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood. Henry’s quite popular with the ladies and my readers. He’s been in every book of the Wicked Wagers trilogy and has collected a lot of fan mail.

Good morning, Henry. You’re the third rake in my Wicked Wagers Trilogy, and everyone is waiting for your story. I’m hoping you’ll tell us what’s happening in your life and how your wife hunting is progressing.  Read More

Where The Trail Ends by Melanie Dobson

Blog Diva - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A young woman traveling the Oregon Trail in 1842 must rely on a stranger to bring her to safety. But whom can she trust with her heart?

For two thousand miles along the trail to Oregon Country, Samantha Waldron and her brother must overcome tremendous challenges to reach the Willamette Valley before winter. But when their canoe capsizes on the Columbia River, they must rely on handsome British exporter Alexander Clarke to rescue them from the icy water. Samantha is overwhelmed with men vying for her affections at Fort Vancouver, but the only one who intrigues her—Alex—is the one she cannot have.  Read More