Tempted By Adam By May Williams

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tempted by Adam is May Williams’ latest WWII Era Historical Romance available now in digital format from The Wild Rose Press.

She stuffed her pencil through the rings of her steno-pad and checked the camera.

Three exposures left, and she wanted something a little less formal.

“I need a couple more shots. Let’s make these less businessman and more boatbuilder.
What do you usually wear to work in? Certainly not a tie and jacket.”

“Overalls.” He gestured to a worn, blue garment hanging on a peg.

“Would you mind?”

“Nope. I prefer it.” He shed his jacket and tugged on his working clothes over his dress pants and white shirt.

“You better lose the tie and roll up your shirt sleeves to hide them,” she said. He did as she asked, turning to her for approval when he was done. His white collar stuck out from the overalls. Giving him the camera, she reached around his neck, tucking in the collar as her hands moved toward the front. Smoothing the last edges of the shirt to the inside, her fingers lingered on his chest for a second longer than they needed to. She forced herself to take a small step back. “There. Now you look like a working man.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“Sure. Suits you.” She kept her answer light, realizing she was stepping into dangerous territory for some reason.

“But not you?” His dark eyes hardened, boring into her.


“Your husband was an officer, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, what’s that...”


She nodded. “He went to the academy. I don’t see...”

“Just take the pictures.” He thrust the camera into her hand and picked up some tools from a bench. While he pretended to work on the boat, she snapped the last few pictures on the roll. The companionship between them earlier now clicked away as fast as the film.

Why the sudden animosity? Although Leo had been an officer and from a prestigious family, she was nobody by birth. She grew up in a small apartment over the garage on the estate where her parents served her husband’s family as chauffeur and housekeeper. If Adam thought she was some debutante snob, he had completely misjudged her.

“The boat’ll be in the water in the next couple days. I can probably take you out for a ride in a week. Gives me a chance to let her soak and do a couple test runs. That’s if you’re still interested.”

“I can write the article from what I got today. Don’t worry about taking me. It’s not necessary.” She walked to the door. “I’ll let you know when the piece will run in the paper. The timing is up to my editor. Could be any day in the next few weeks.” Her hand was on the knob and she was inching it open when he placed his hand well above her head, slamming it closed.

“I’m sorry, Shells,” he whispered behind her. “It’s none of my business who your husband was. I acted like a jerk.”

“Yes, you did.” She spun around, flattening herself against the door to keep as much room as possible between them. “I loved my husband. But he’s gone.” She kept her voice and face neutral and carefully used the past tense.

“I know that.”

“And I’m here with you, which I was enjoying until you got the chip on your shoulder.”

“If I can remove that, would you consider going out with an arrogant, working class jerk?”

“Hey!” Ned’s voice came through the door. “Door’s stuck. Let me in. I’ve been given orders.” The wooden panels behind her back vibrated with Ned’s pounding.

Still holding the door shut with one hand, Adam lowered his lips to hers, slowly closing the distance. Despite the thudding behind her, his kiss made everything mellow to a hazy glow. For the second time this afternoon, her arms went around his neck. Now, she pulled him closer, stretching her body up to mold against his and running her fingers through his dark hair.

“Come on. I know you’re in there,” Ned persisted.

Adam broke from the kiss, resting his forehead against hers.

“What are you two doing?” Laughter reverberated outside. “Never mind. Stop over at my house when you’re...uh...done.”

With her eyes still closed, Shelby felt the curve of Adam’s lips against her cheek as he smiled and the rumble of laughter in his chest, and she wondered how she’d lived without this kind of intimacy for so long.

“I guess we better show ourselves.” He gently guided her from the door, wrapping his arm around her waist.

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