The Earl Who Played With Fire By Sara Ramsey

Thursday, October 03, 2013

My fellow authoresses have thus far confessed their (mostly fictional) love affairs with rakes, but I have to admit that I have a penchant for rogues. But first, a definition: I don’t mean this as in ‘going rogue’, where the hero turns solitary and/or insanely murderous in his quest for whatever he’s seeking. Of course, there are some hot heroes who have gone rogue - Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne comes to mind (which means that I must fan myself off before continuing, since he’s really too hot for words).

But I’m speaking of the Regency-era rogue - the kind of man who has a perfect jest or cutting retort for any situation, whose tongue is just as skilled at conversation as it is at other, more pleasurable (ahem) tasks, and whose ruthlessness is tempered by a winning sense of humor. What woman can resist such a devilish combination?

I know the rakes have a strong following in the romance community. And I respect that. Some of my favorite heroes of all time have been total manwhores before finding the love of a good heroine; also, as an aside, I apparently say such things too often since my spellcheck doesn’t flag ‘manwhore’. But there will always be the tiny, cynical part of me that wonders when our lovely hero and heroine will have to take the mercury cure because of the syphilis he picked up during his mad, bad days in London’s brothels. I know, not what you want to think about. Sorry.

Rogues present a different kind of risk. They can leave your heart in shreds with their razored words. Their shifting, unpredictable moods can catch you off guard. Still, I would way rather take my chances with a funny, difficult, sarcastic, intelligent rogue than try to reform a rake.

What do you think? Do you prefer rakes or rogues, and who are your favorites? I’d love to hear your comments!

Sara Ramsey’s first book, Heiress Without a Cause, features a rogue whom she would have named something other than Ferguson if she’d thought through the sexiness factor just a bit more. Her fourth book, The Earl Who Played With Fire, will be out this fall. You can find Sara on Twitter (@sara_ramsey) or Facebook, or see all of her available books on her website (www.sararamsey.com).

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