What The Bride Wore By Jade Lee

Saturday, September 14, 2013

RAKES! By Jade Lee

Let's talk about RAKES!  Quite simply, they're hot guys who bed lots of women because they're a) sexy, b) good in bed, and... and... well, c) really just love women. Also they're very hot and never get VD.

So why do we love them? Come on, who doesn't like a bad boy? And better yet, who doesn't like REFORMING a bad boy to be one's very special, only one? That's the fantasy, isn't it? To be so amazing, so special that even the most notorious bad boy (who is also disease free and great in bed) gives up his wicked ways to just pleasure you. All the time. As much as you could possibly want.

Audience participation time! (er...blog participation time) Name your favorite rake! I've put in a few pictures here, just to pass the time while you think!  Meanwhile, let me tell you about my two favorite love 'em and leave 'em guys.

Sam and Dean Winchester anyone? From Supernatural? Okay, so I've lost a few...um...weeks of time to that show. Love the love between those two brothers, and I forgive them for being the leave 'em type because they've got to rid the world of the evil meanies! My favorite Sam and Dean pictures are here. (They're fake, btw, but who cares?)

As often happens with me, my current obsession finds its way into my books. So yes, I created a pair of regency brothers modeled on Sam and Dean but who aren't out killing the minions of evil. (Besides, I really like Crowley). The first hero is very Dean -- action first, words never. He's the steward on the heroine's estate. He's got a canal to build, a village keep from exploding with unrest, and a feisty heroine to seduce by the banks of his favorite stream. And it's on sale right now!  Check out Winning a Bride.

Second hero is more Sam-like -- smart, charming, and a little lost. Plus, he's got a voice in his head that sometimes that calls him a damned fool. (Don't worry, it's not Satan. That's poor Sam's curse.) At one time, my hero enjoyed sowing wild oats, but right now he's a serious man with a serious problem. And a mysterious attacker!  And if this one particular woman would just let him get on with his life he could... wait, maybe she's the one being attacked... wait, maybe she's really sexy and smart.... wait...what was I saying?  You get the idea. Irene is quite the distraction for my serious man with a serious problem. 

Okay, I've exposed my rake obsession. Tell me yours! Don't hold back! After all, I just confessed I'm hot for a guy with Satan in his brain!

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