When You Give A Duke A Diamond by Shana Galen

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ten Reasons to Read When You Give a Duke a Diamond by Shana Galen

There are a lot of awesome books on shelves this month. I know because some of my favorite authors have new releases and both my e-reader and my nightstand are full to capacity. If you’re like me, and I have a feeling you are, you’re thinking you had better not buy any more books until maybe 2014. And I think that’s a really great plan, except…

10. What if there’s an apocalypse (robo or otherwise) in the next few months? I think you’ll really regret not having read When You Give a Duke a Diamond before the robots come to get you. At the very least, you can spar with the robots verbally, with witty ripostes like this one Juliette uses in When You Give a Duke a Diamond.“I would rather be a well-paid whore, sir, than an insufferable ass. One is a choice and can be changed,” she continued, raising her voice so it would carry. “Whereas the other is a permanent trait of the personality. Not that you have much of one.”

9. If you don’t read the book, you’ll never know what happens when you give a duke a diamond.

8. Read it because Publisher’s Weekly says: "Tinged with danger and darkness, Galen's sexy and dramatic story has depth thanks to appealing characters with realistic problems and believable chemistry."

7. It has a really pretty cover. I don’t even want to give my author copies away. The blue lettering all but sparkles.

6. Kathe Robin from RT Book Reviews gave it 4 ½ stars and said, "Galen creates a lighthearted yet poignant, humorous yet touching, love story—with original characters who delight and enough sizzle to add heat to a delicious read." Come on, you want sizzle and heat, don’t you?

5. The heroine in the book, as well as her courtesan friends, have naughty nicknames. Wondering what they are? Read the book!

4. The hero is a duke. I know you love dukes, especially dukes who need rules, order, and predictability. You just know his life is about to change in so many fun ways!

3. When You Give a Duke a Diamond features a dangerous villain, stolen diamonds, and a very sexy duke. Intrigue, action, passion, danger! What more can I say?

2. This is a top ten list, so I have to give you two more reasons. How about this? When You Give a Duke a Diamond has its own Pinterest board! Check it out. [http://pinterest.com/shanagalen/when-you-give-a-duke-a-diamond/]

1. And the number one reason to read When You Give a Duke a Diamond is because you love sexy, fast-paced, historical romances with great characters and a fun plot. Why do you pick up a book to read? Is it the cover? The title? The reviews?

One lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win a copy of When You Give a Duke a Diamond (open to US and Canada only). Good luck!

He had a perfectly orderly life… William, the sixth Duke of Pelham, enjoys his punctual, securely structured life. Orderly and predictable—that’s the way he likes it. But he’s in the public eye, and the scandal sheets will make up anything to sell papers. When the gossips link him to Juliette, one of the most beautiful and celebrated courtesans in London, chaos doesn’t begin to describe what happens next… Until she came along… Juliette is nicknamed the Duchess of Dalliance, and has the cream of the nobility at her beck and call. It’s seriously disruptive to have the duke who’s the biggest catch on the Marriage Mart scaring her other suitors away. Then she discovers William’s darkest secret and decides what he needs in his life is the kind of excitement only she can provide…

Shana Galen is the award-winning author of fast-paced adventurous Regency historicals. She is a two-time RWA Rita Award finalist and a winner of the coveted RT Reviewer’s Choice KISS Award. A former English teacher in Houston’s inner city, Shana now writes full time. She is happily married and has a daughter.  Look for the next book in the Jewels of the Ton series, If You Give a Rake a Ruby, in March 2013. For more information, please visit www.shanagalen.com, or follow her on Twitter, @ShanaGalen.