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Against The Sky By Kat Martin

Friday, February 20, 2015

Against the Sky hits New York Times 3 weeks in a row!
Feb 15th list - AGAINST THE SKY #7

Feb 22nd list - AGAINST THE SKY #12

March 1st list - - AGAINST THE SKY #14
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Hitting the New York Times Bestseller List

Thirty years ago when I first started writing, my goal was to become a successful author. I wanted to be able to quit my real estate job and write full time. Fortunately, with my husband still working, I was able to make that happen fairly quickly.

Still, when I finally I sold my first book after months of trying and numerous rejections, I earned the whopping sum of four thousand dollars--not much money for a year and a half of working ten hours a day! But I never lost faith. I thought, “I can do this. I know I can.”

I think one of the toughest things about being a writer is continuing to believe in yourself. Insecurities swamp you. Is this book any good? Is this book as good as the last one? Will my readers like it? Will the publisher renew my contract?

After thirty years, those questions remain. It’s only sheer force of will that keeps a writer pounding the keyboard, sheer determination that keeps an author from quitting.

So when I hit the New York Times printed top twenty books (as opposed to the extended list top thirty five, which I had been on a number of times, but isn’t in the paper), it was the kind of validation that keeps a writer going.

Someone must like these books, I thought. Oh my God, it’s really selling! It was a thrill to get that phone call--a notification that usually comes late on a Wednesday night. I got the call early Thursday morning when my agent phoned and said, “AGAINST THE FIRE made the bestseller list! You’re on the New York Times!”

It’s a real moment for an author, the thrill of a lifetime. My heart is in these books, the newest Against books, The Brodies of Alaska, AGAINST THE WILD, AGAINST THE SKY (out Jan 27, 2015), AGAINST THE TIDE (out May 27, 2015). Not only do I love the brothers, Dylan, Nick, and Rafe, but I loved the ladies who snare these hunky men.

In my latest release, AGAINST THE SKY, Nick Brodie, a former Anchorage PD homicide detective, has a serious case of burnout. He's tired of murder and mayhem. He wants a new life, something that doesn't include blood and death. Unfortunately for Nick, he isn't going to get it. When twelve-year-old Jimmy Evans comes to him beaten and battered, claiming his father was murdered, Nick has no choice but to help him.

To make matters worse, he has a lady friend visiting from Las Vegas. Samantha Hollis, owner of the Perfect Pup pet grooming parlor, isn't cut out for the harsh living in Alaska. Unwillingly swept into Jimmy's problems, she finds herself on a wild ride with Nick that leads them both into passion and terrible danger.

I’m hoping readers who've been enjoying the Brodies of Alaska will be wanting more of the hunky brothers and their sexy ladies. If you haven’t read AGAINST THE WILD, I hope you’ll look for it. And don’t forget to check out Nick and Samantha in AGAINST THE SKY, and get ready for Rafe Brodie in AGAINST THE TIDE.
Happy reading and all best wishes, Kat

AGAINST THE SKY Book Trailer Video

A sneek peak into Against the Sky …

Nick helped Samantha into his black Ford Explorer for the drive down the hill to his house. It had started to rain. This late in September, rainy days were a given.

“What do you think really happened to Jimmy?” she asked. “A fistfight with a schoolmate wouldn’t explain why he didn’t come home all day.”

“Maybe he was afraid of what his aunt would say when she saw his face, but it’s hard to believe. Jimmy’s usually the kind of kid who tackles trouble head on.”

“Then what else could it be?”

Nick shook his head. “Worrying his aunt that way was really out of character.” He ran a hand over the late night beard along his jaw. “I don’t know, it seemed like he was trying to brazen it out, putting up a tough front, but I got a feeling he was scared.”

“Of his aunt?”

Nick shook his head. “No.” He sighed. “Hell, he’s a kid. Maybe I was reading the whole thing wrong. I’ll talk to him in the morning, see if I can get him to open up.” He looked over at Samantha as he pulled into the driveway. “I’ve got a microwave. How about we heat up some of that chicken you cooked before we had to go looking for a runaway kid?”

“Good idea. I’m really hungry.”

“Me, too.” But the kind of hunger he was feeling had nothing to do with food and everything to do with Samantha Hollis. He tried not to remember the last time they had been together, the softness of her lips, her small, feminine curves, her sweet cries of passion as she moved beneath him.

He tried, but by the time he pulled the car into the garage and turned off the engine, helped Samantha down from the SUV, he was hard as a frigging stone.

Samantha smiled as he led her into the kitchen. “I imagine after all the excitement, we’ll both get a good night’s sleep.”

He cast her thunderous look. “You really think so? Because I’ll be lying there half the night aching for you, wishing you were in my bed instead of your own.”

Her eyes widened. “But you said--“

“I know what I said. I said you’d be safe if you came to Alaska, and I won’t break my word. Doesn’t mean I don’t want you.” He leaned over and very softly kissed her, felt his arousal stirring beneath his jeans. Samantha returned the kiss, making him harder still, then she pulled away.

“I-I’d better get the chicken out of the fridge and into the microwave.” She started walking toward the refrigerator, stopped and turned back. “I’m glad your friend. Jimmy, is safe.”

“Yeah, at least for now.” It took superhuman effort to force his mind off sex and onto the conversation he needed to have with the boy in the morning. The kid was important to him. The boy’s father had just died and Jimmy was convinced it was murder. It was crazy, but after what had happened tonight, it was clear that something was wrong. Nick needed to find out what the hell was going on.

Samantha couldn’t sleep. Nick had said he’d be lying in bed aching for her, wishing she were there beside him. She hadn’t thought she would be the one aching, unable to sleep.

How could she have forgotten the magnetic pull of the man? The aura of masculinity that had so effortlessly seduced her before?

Just looking at that lean-muscled body as he walked around the house made her want him, those long purposeful strides that had attracted her from the moment she had seen in the hotel. And those amazing eyes, the most arresting shade of blue she had ever seen. Eyes that should have been cool but instead seemed to burn with an inner heat.

Nick was the kind of man who touched easily and without conscious thought, the kind who made a woman feel protected and desired. She remembered the feel of his hard body pressing her down in the mattress, his muscles flexing as he took her, the pleasure he had given her. She remembered every moment she had spent with Nick.
She wanted Nick Brodie, had from the moment he had rescued her from a stranger’s unwanted advances.

But now there was more at stake. So much more. She needed to know him, trust him.
She needed time to be certain he was the kind of man he seemed.

She heard movement in the bedroom next to hers. Nick was awake, just as he’d said. How long could she resist the urge to go to him, offer him her body as she had done before?

With a sigh, Samantha plumped her pillow, put it over her head, and tried not to wish
Nick would storm through the door and demand a place in her bed.

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