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Chain Of Title By Robyn Roze

Monday, June 02, 2014

Heroic deeds. Monstrous acts. Events that will leave one woman’s world spinning out of control. ~Chain of Title by Robyn Roze

As a writer, I enjoy creating character driven storylines. In doing so, I often sit back and watch, much like a parent, as my characters (children) make choices I know they shouldn’t, that I’m sure I wouldn’t. I sometimes flinch and look away wishing they’d made different choices, replaying in my head the ‘what-ifs’ of the alternative paths that could have been taken, the heartbreak that could have been spared.

Sometimes we don’t recognize the chain reaction that follows from our decisions until much later, after all the puzzle pieces have snapped neatly into place. How a seemingly innocent choice, or encounter, marked the moment our lives spiraled, unnoticed, along a new trajectory, for better or for worse.

Chain of Title is just such a tale. Paths cross, choices are made, secrets emerge and lives are forever changed, lives sent reeling down a different path. The main characters get stuck in moments of time, like real people, unwilling to forgive betrayals, unable to let go of blind rage, lost love, and hoping in the end to outlive the secrets from their pasts.

Two particular scenes in this story were difficult for me to write. I struggled with them for days, bartering, trying to come up with ways around what I knew in my gut was about to happen, what I knew had to happen. In the end, I relented and allowed the characters to commit the ultimate betrayals and monstrous acts, acts in opposition to their previous heroic deeds; the contrasts startling. I did not do this to shock the reader but instead to remain true to the characters. I let them live their own lives and bear the burden of the consequences.

Life isn’t pretty and people are never perfect. So, the problem then becomes: how can we forgive others, and ourselves, when we do fall so gut-wrenchingly short? How do we reconcile the person we thought we knew with the stranger that now stands before us, and who is even perhaps the person looking back at us in the mirror…

Excerpt from Chain of Title:

“Just tell me which side you work for,” Shayna asked without judgment. A stunned expression colored Sean’s face and then he laughed, shaking his head in apparent disbelief. She knew he was laughing at her naïveté.

His hands reached for her face, thumbs caressing her high cheekbones, his expression now stony serious. “Good or bad? Right or wrong? That’s what you’re asking me?” They were the first words he had spoken, and the deep rumble of his voice expertly plucked the strings wound tight in her body since this nightmare had begun. “You’d be surprised how often you can’t tell the difference. How often they want the same thing,” he said quietly in the dark, pushing her further away.

Shayna felt the cold armor reassembling around him. “I was done with all of this a few years ago. I’d paid my dues and left it all behind, with my ledger in the black. People owed me and I never intended on cashing in. Yes, I have skills that many people—good and bad—want to use, and I know others like me. We’re scattered around and come together when the situation requires it or when it suits us.” He waited, assessing her thoughtfully. “I have contacts higher up than you can imagine and lower than I would ever want you to know about.”

She processed his words as the pieces of the puzzle began to snap into place, and then she suddenly felt awash with guilt.

“I messed everything up for you, didn’t I? If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be in the black right now, but you’re not, are you? You owe someone now, or some people, don’t you?”
Sean huffed indignantly. “First of all, none of this was your fault. Second, if it wasn’t for our paths crossing, I can promise you, you never would’ve seen Danielle again.”

Shayna gasped at the harshness of his words and the haunting memory of that same visceral nightmare she experienced nightly. “I need to leave, Shayna. This was a bad idea. I knew I should’ve left, not come here first. I just wanted to see you for myself again…one last time...”


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