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Dark Deeds By Anne Marie Becker

Friday, March 21, 2014

Thank you for having me at the RomCon blog to celebrate the release of my latest romantic suspense novel Dark Deeds (Mindhunters, Book 4).

When I created The Society for the Study of the Aberrant Mind (or SSAM)—a private agency that hunts serial killers and other repeat violent offenders whose trails have gone cold—I wanted to explore the themes of hope healing grief, trust as the core of lasting bonds, and love conquering fear.

Dark Deeds was extra-special, as its heroine is Becca, a character who has become near and dear to me (and my readers) over the course of the series. I’ve watched her grow from a new SSAM recruit into a strong team member and I was excited to help her find love, especially with the passionate NYPD Detective Diego Sandoval. He’s her match in every way.

Dark Deeds Blurb:

Walking away from sexy Detective Diego Sandoval was one of the toughest things security specialist Becca Haney ever had to do. But her past is a direct threat to his future, to the career he’s working so hard to rebuild. Now, with a witness from a horrific case implicating Diego, Becca must decide whether to listen to her head or her heart.

Diego is a big-city lawman used to cracking the hardest cases, but he’ll never understand why Becca ended their passionate affair. When he’s assigned to help keep her safe from a human trafficking ring, he’s determined to stay by her side and learn about the woman behind the passion—scars and all.

But Becca has another admirer. Known only as “the Fan,” he believes he’s the perfect partner for her—and he’ll kill to prove it. When the stakes are raised in the killer’s deadly game, Diego will be called upon to save lives—including Becca’s.


“You look well,” she admitted to Diego. Did her voice sound over-bright? Was her smile shaky? Lord, she’d imagined seeing him again so many times, you’d think she’d have it down pat.

You’re an actress playing a part. Saucy. Confident. You’ve done this before. She was so good at pretending everything was okay. She’d even psyched herself up to approach him immediately, rather than spend the entire weekend waiting, wondering if he’d talk to her.

“Time heals all wounds, right?” His voice was melted chocolate drizzled over her body. Her skin prickled painfully as it awakened like a numb limb—her body, asleep for months, shaken to full awareness.She looked toward the bartender as he came to their side of the bar. “A shot of anejo.”

In her peripheral vision, Diego raised his eyebrows. If he thought she needed the hard stuff to steel her nerves, then too bad. Something had to get her through this interminable weekend.

“So, what kept you?” Diego asked.
“Duty called.”
Something that might have been concern flashed in his eyes. A second later, it was gone. Maybe she’d imagined it.

“What job are you working in New York? Or maybe it was a different kind of duty that kept you.” His gaze slid to Matt and he slugged back a swallow of beer.

Jealousy or disdain? Whatever it was, Diego’s assumption gave her a layer of protection from him. Let him believe her brother was a romantic interest. She could keep this friendly yet impersonal.

“I should get back.” She’d take the out he’d given her.

He raised his brows. “So, that’s it? That’s all you have to say?”

You scare me. Or, rather, the hormones that slammed through her when she saw him scared her. “I’m fresh out of chitchat.”

He wouldn’t like the questions burning in her brain.

How the hell did your name come to be associated with the Circle, especially when you’re trying to rebuild your career at the NYPD? She wanted to shake the answer out of him, but there were so many reasons to hold her tongue. She didn’t have that kind of connection with him anymore, for one. Not after how she’d left. And she needed to talk to Damian about this new information first. Besides, this wasn’t the place to address things with Diego, and if he was a mole, she certainly didn’t want to tip her hand. She’d rather do some poking around to confirm or deny the accusation without his input.

“Then I suppose you should just disappear. That is your MO, isn’t it?”

Ouch. Where was that damn tequila? The bartender was busy filling a server’s tray. Becca was ready to turn and abandon her quest for alcohol when Diego leaned close and spoke again, his voice warm with shared secrets. “I remember a time you couldn’t get enough of me.”

What’s your favorite romantic suspense series or show? Do you have a favorite character—especially one you’d like to see get their own story and a happily-ever-after? One lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win a digital copy of DARK DEEDS. Good luck!

Anne Marie has always been fascinated by people—inside and out—which led to degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Counseling.  Her passion for understanding the human race is now satisfied by her roles as mother, wife, daughter, sister, and award-winning author of romantic suspense. 

She writes to reclaim her sanity.

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