Romantic Suspense and Thriller

Delta On My Mind by DeeAnna Galbraith

Friday, February 14, 2014

You’ve known him as a friend all your life. That’s about to change.

Ever known a nice guy next door? A guy you’ve always been comfortable with? Had your back? Maybe you went to high school together and he was a little older so you hung out in different circles. He went to college two time zones away and you did the whole white gown and flowers thing with your college sweetheart.

Fast forward a dozen years. Your sweetheart wasn’t such a nice guy. In fact he was a rat in in golf clothes who enjoyed making you miserable. So you walked out and started over.

Your nice guy is back; to stay. Things just got a whole lot more interesting.

Back cover Blurb

Delta Jameson and Blue Richmond grew up close as kin, sheltered by family and southern values. But they went their separate ways; sure their choices would make them happy.

Blue’s come home. He's mastered the financial world and now hopes to launch a second career and build a family, the whole messy dream. Problem is; somebody doesn’t want him back.

Delta's marriage was a huge mistake. Now on the mend and fiercely independent, she's fulfilling her dream of owning a green architecture firm. That dream is threatened when her ex sues her, invoking a clause in their pre-nup that gives him half her business.

When the death of a loved one brings Delta and Blue together again, a seventy-year-old secret and a land grant dating to the Civil War throw their lives into chaos and bring newly discovered passions to the surface.


Blue knocked on the Jameson’s door at precisely 6:00. Delta answered and he knew something wasn’t right. “Jameson?”

She smiled lopsidedly. “Yep, Jameson. And gonna stay that way.”

He noticed the wine glass dangling from her fingertips. He also noticed her outfit, a short denim skirt with red suspenders and a white t-shirt. She also wore red cowboy boots.

Not an everyday Delta outfit, but extremely sexy. He took a deep breath. “Uh, what’s going to stay that way?”

She squinted in thought. “Didn’t I say? Jameson, silly. Not going to change it again. Ever.”

Blue persevered. Whatever had happened to upset her apparently had to do with her divorce. His stomach tightened as he added another tic mark against Slayton. “You want to tell me what’s wrong?”

All traces of humor disappeared. “What could possibly be wrong?” she said. “First, Gran dies, then there’s the almost kiss, and I have these feelings to deal with. And today. Oh, today was a stunner. My loving ex dredges up a teeny tiny clause in our prenuptial agreement that I, never believing it could hurt me, blindly signed.”

He shook his head, purposely avoiding her remarks about him and zeroed in on the last part. “Whoa, what does this clause say?”

She waved her empty hand and picked up her jacket by the door. “S’legal. Daddy said so. Now, you and me gotta celebrate my almost successful business ‘cause it’s almost gone.” The jacket in one hand and glass in the other puzzled her for a moment, then she tossed the jacket to Blue, leaving her arm extended for him to help her put it on.

Blue didn’t oblige. “Okay, one step at a time. Are your folks home?”

Delta looked behind her into the living room. She turned back slowly and tipped her head toward the glass in her hand. “They’re at a bridge tournament. It’s just me and Mr. Chablis,” she whispered.

He sighed. He’d been looking forward to this evening. It had been too long since he went anywhere with friends to do nothing but have fun. “Why don’t I get some takeout?

You can eat, then sleep it off.”

Delta dropped her arm. “You can be a real stick sometimes, Richmond. You know that?” She started patting her torso. “Keys were here a minute ago.”

Blue watched frustration set in until she rediscovered her jacket in his hand and brightened. “Oh, good, you changed your mind.” She carefully set her glass on an entry table, grabbed her purse, closed the door, and stepped around him.

Blue rolled his eyes. She’d given him no choice except to follow. Delta didn’t drink too often because she got hell’s worst hangovers. If she needed this catharsis, he’d watch out for her. Besides, he wanted to help, and to do that he had to know the reason.

By the time he reached the car, Delta was strapped inside, leaning forward. He got in and handed her the jacket but paused before starting the car. “Sure you want to do this?”

She swiveled her gaze to him and said simply, “You’re with me.”

This was the second time she’d referred to him in what Blue considered a ‘more than friends’ way. He knew she was tipsy, but her behavior made a serious dent in his earlier intention to quash his feelings.

The tip of Delta’s tongue worked her upper lip. Lord have mercy but he wanted that mouth.

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