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Endless Affinity By Brooklyn Taylor

Friday, August 29, 2014

Howdy Friends! I wanted to tell you about my book I just released August 1 Endless Affinity. This is the second book in my Forever Series, the first being Eternal Soulmate. They can each be read as a standalone and will follow 3 different characters. My 3rd book in the series will be out December 2014. Yes, my books have romance but the most important part of the story is how the characters persevere through circumstances and how the actions of others affected them deeply and made them into what they are today.

Synopsis of Endless Affinity

Grace Ingram made one mistake that sent her down a path that was full of heart break and misery. In a moment of hesitation her stubbornness left her filled with doubts in her mind that could cause her to sacrifice the love of her life.

Grace was a blue-collar, strong, independent Texas girl that had been with the same guy since high school. Now at the age of 26 she has been asked the one thing most women are waiting and wishing for, but not Grace. The last thing she wanted was to get married and start a family- especially with a guy that had never had to work for a living.

She knew Kyle was the only one she had ever loved with all her heart, trusting and allowing a level of intimacy she would never allow with another. After all he was the only man that knew of the abuse she suffered as a high school teenager. The differences in their lifestyles were in such contrast, though, that it was hard for her to let her guard down. Grace had no idea the battle she would really be fighting once she realized she was losing Kyle for good.

Kyle Chandler was everything every woman wanted. He was rich, gorgeous and full of charm. He was a ladies’ man but the only girl he had eyes for was Grace, his high school sweetheart. He had the world handed to him on a silver platter. The one thing he couldn’t have and wanted deeply was to make Grace his, but he hadn’t been successful at accomplishing that. After years of reluctance he decides to take the risk and ask her to be his, only to be met with the answer he dreaded.

Now, the three girls are back together, trying to juggle their friendships and their busy lives. McKoy is beginning to take over her successful family Vineyard, and Ashlynn getting ready for the arrival of her baby with Cooper.

Will the people that come into their lives keep them apart? Or serve to make them realize the love that they really share?

Do you have to really lose the most important person in your life to realize how special they are? And how hard will you fight to regain that love?

Can Grace overcome her indecisiveness, confident in the love she and Kyle share, knowing they are meant to be together? And is love really enough?

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If you want to read the first one in series: (You do not have to as it stands alone.:

Book one


The girls had me all prepared and pretty as we headed to Room 243. As soon as the door opened, I smelled nothing but lilies- my favorite flowers. Shit McKoy did good, not that I had any doubt. The room looked like it had been transformed. There were a few chairs in the room. The hospital bed was pushed to the side and there was a table in the corner of the room that McKoy had placed for the wedding cake. McKoy informed me it is chocolate with white icing. Chocolate was my favorite. Why would you do a cake in anything else? She knows me so well.

The girls would not let me leave the door threshold until Kyle was ready. I heard my daddy's voice behind me whispering my name.

"Gracie Lou, you are beautiful. Absolutely a sight for sore eyes. You ready to get hitched?"

"Yes I am daddy, more ready than I ever thought I would be."

"Not me, I’m not ready to give my baby girl away but I will because I know how much he loves you. Remember one thing punkin’, I loved you first."

"I know dad. You know how good Kyle treats me and he will always love me and treat me like a queen."

He kissed me on the forehead and put his arm through mine. "Let’s get the show on the road, shall we?"


McKoy announced "Y’all ready guys?"

I heard Kyle's voice immediately. "I’ve been ready since I was 14 to marry my Gracie."

McKoy started A Thousand Years softly. I had been playing this song over and over on my iPod and it touched me every time I heard it.

My father walked me into the room to where Kyle was sitting in his wheelchair. Daddy helped me in mine and I leaned over and kissed Kyle.

"None of that yet" McKoy spurted out. Everyone else laughed. 

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