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Entangled Love By Cait Jarrod

Friday, June 27, 2014

In the questions in love and death, where does the truth lie?

Entangled Love by Cait Jarrod

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Emma James is on a mission to rebuild her life after the loss of her husband. When her childhood friend offers an innocent getaway to Santa Monica, she accepts thinking fun in the sun will be a great way to start fresh.
Retired professional skateboarder, Ryan Cross is a gorgeous, lovable, ladies’ man. With two skateboard parks and a fat bank account, he’s on top of his game. What could make him happier?
The love of his childhood friend.
Chaos and life-threatening obstacles have Ryan investigating Emma’s husband's death. When he discovers handwritten notes made by her late husband, he learns some friends can't be trusted. They will stop at nothing to get what they want, including putting Emma’s life in danger.

Teaser 1:

“I’ve wanted you since we were teens.” Ryan's breath swept across Emma's neck.

“I didn’t know.”“Know now.” His embrace tightened and his tongue engaged with hers. He reached around her and lifted.

The ability to think beyond this moment flew out of her mind. 

Teaser 2

Niles pressed his hand to his lower back. “My back is in no condition to lift your luggage into this house, Muriel, but a dumpster is near the driveway. I’ll get right on it.”

The butler’s quick wit shocked Emma. Without a doubt, he loathed the woman. “Nice meeting you.”

Niles walked toward Emma, clasped her hand before kissing it. “My pleasure, m’lady.” His British accent working overtime. “Alert me if I can be of assistance. I’m at your service.” He headed to the door. “Miss Emma, I’ll be in the kitchen if you’d like to assist in Muriel’s demise.”

“Pig,” Muriel snapped.

“Goat,” Niles retorted. “Now that’s settled, I have a dumpster to see about suitcases.”

Teaser 3:
Time passed. How long, she had no idea. The heat in the box was powerful, and the thickness in the air intensified. Holly’s movements slowed and her breathing quieted.
Emma’s eyes grew heavy and threatened to close. She refused to let them shut, fearing if she did, they wouldn’t open again.
Black spots clouded her vision.

“ENTANGLED LOVE is a cunning story that leads you on a thrill of a chase to see who’s deceived who, and who will end up capturing Emma’s heart. Fast paced, lots of steam, full of quirky you won’t soon forget, nor is it one you’ll be able to put down.”
~DC Stone, award winning romantic suspense author

“Cait Jarrod’s latest novel has the mandatory sexy hero, strong heroine and great action. Add witty dialogue and loveable side characters with unexpected plot twists and you have another winner. ENTANGLED LOVE is a must-read for every HEA fan in Romantic Suspense. ”
~Aubrey Wynne, author


I love my husband, adore him. Yet, he isn't the one who checks on me every night, holds my hand when I cry. I'm being so unfair. My husband has a demanding job. He saves lives, puts his own life on the line, all in the name of protection. I gaze out our window in suburban, California. I love my house, the yard. Eric makes enough money so I don't have to work, yet...I think I would like to. The charity work I do is important, but I need something more, something for me. He says since we’re planning to have a baby soon, there’s no sense in going to work now. He's right. The baby would need me and I’d hate to leave our baby with a sitter.
My best friend, Ryan, says I should do whatever makes me happy. I’m not sure what that is.

I flopped down on the couch. I can’t ever sleep after Eric gets a call to leave in the middle of the night. Tonight, my angst is worse than usual. My skin crawls. I have an ache in my chest. What is my problem?

The doorbell rings, my cell chimes. Ryan’s name flashes on the screen.

I peek out the window beside the door. A police car is in my driveway. Nothing unusual, except Eric’s not here to greet them.

My breath catches. A piercing numb-feeling races through my veins.

My hand shakes as I put the phone to my ear and open the door. “Hello.” I say. Two uniformed policemen gaze at me, their faces solemn.

“Em,” Ryan says.

One word, nothing more, every sound, every person blurs. My heart plummets to my feet. “No-o-o!”

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