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Gemini Rain By Lj McEvoy

Friday, March 22, 2013

So What Exactly Have I Let Myself In For..?

Well, this is it! This is what I’ve done, making trouble for myself yet again.

I contemplated using an excerpt from my book, of which I love every single word, paragraph and chapter (I know I’m biased). But choosing which part proved harder than sitting down and writing what I wanted to say, how to express my excitement, my joy and my boldness in actually publishing a book. “Who has the audacity?” I constantly asked myself. Well actually when I did the research, perhaps I wasn’t so brave after all. I now feel I’ve joined a worldwide club called “indie authors” and it’s fantastic - a collection of artistic people who, in previous years, would have never got passed the ‘in-box tray’ of a publishing house.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of authors out there who got that elusive contract with an agent or a publishing house but for me, my one experience was a phone call to an agent in the UK, asking if they were accepting submissions – “Yes we are” the excited young gentleman replied, “and don’t forget to include your stamped addressed envelope so we can return your submission.” I didn’t send it. Why - they were accepting weren’t they? Yes, they were, but as I took it, if they were accepting submissions was it so important to inform me that they were going to send it back to me too? Did I take this young lad wrong, maybe I did but at that particular moment in my life, you wouldn’t believe how many times I tried to dial that agent’s number before my nerves got the better of me and I made myself a cup of tea instead.

That was ten years ago when I lived in France; I continued my hobby of writing my books only for myself, devouring every book printed of every genre and of course, raising my family. “I wouldn’t have the time to promote a book and leave my family for a book tour, blah, blah, blah” was my constant excuse. But how wrong was I? When I look back, I think “what a silly sausage you were!” Of course I could - if given half the chance. I was afraid of rejection more than anything; both my hubby and I worked full-time and had no problems raising our two wonderful kids (there’s that bias again, sorry!) So what if you get a rejection or bad review – keep going. Link in with everyone involved in the industry, read the advice and blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Use them as much as possible to network and to learn. Believe me, you’ll never run out of fellow colleagues willing to help and advice on marketing, editing, cover design and publication of your book. I won’t tell you your book will be an overnight success - my book is comfortable in sales for an inexperienced first time author only on Kindle. I was delighted when I sold one copy! Someone is reading what I’ve kept hidden on my PC for ten years; like one of my children showing me their new creation – oh the joy, the pride!

So what’s the book? Well it’s definitely a romance, two people fall in love and it definitely has suspense, my main character needs to clear up a trail of bad business her deceased husband leaves. For me, if I read this book’s blurb, I’d say more down to earth than Mills & Boon. There are long chapters at the start, for introduction of characters, followed by short ones mid-stream to the end.

I got the idea for Gemini Rain when I lived in France – I loved that experience and if I were to visit again I may never come back to Ireland! Then reality kicks in, I look around me and see my life, my family here – no contest. But France was something special. Their culture, how they perceive family, food and wine and their way of life (mainly outside the big cities) was something I absorbed for the two years I lived there. I couldn’t help but write it all down and then let my imagination run away with me. Gemini Rain was born! Believe me, sometimes the stories in my head need to be reined in and after a few years of not even opening the folder on my laptop, I eventually got back to it finding eight drafts of the story, containing the same main storyline but different twists in the middle, bringing the story to life. If you wish to read more, this is the link to my amazon page - - I hope you enjoy it, please if you can leave a review or even click like on the amazon page too!

Currently I’m writing another two books which have been in hiding on my laptop for quite some time now – one is the sequel which has the working title of LA Rain. At the end of Gemini Rain you’ll know why I chose this title – sorry can’t give too much detail… The second is more of a historical genre than romance, about two women from two very different worlds – a young woman’s early life and the turmoil of a young Ireland finding its independence in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In the midst of her story is the world of her granddaughter, the changes to her life and her struggle to find out more about her family history through her love of genealogy. As I’ve stated above, in my reading I cross many genres and I must admit I do the same in my writing too!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my little blog here (believe me it’s for me as well as any prospective writer) here’s hoping you’ll buy and enjoy Gemini Rain and I know it’s probably a constant plea you hear from us poor writers – good or bad please leave a review ;-)