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Kidnapped Hearts By Cait Jarrod

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kidnapped Hearts Anniversary Jubilee

On sale at: Evernight Publishing

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To celebrate the release of my debut book, I’m having a scavenger hunt. I will be on several blogs and sites from February 14th-23rd. will have the list and links to direct you to the next site.

At each site, I will have an excerpt for either Kidnapped Hearts or an unedited excerpt from one of the sequels, Deceptive Heart’s and Mystic Hearts (a novelette).
In each excerpt, one word will be missing.

Write each missing word down in order by how they're listed on The words will form a question and the answer.

On the 23rd or after, go to to enter the grand prize raffle by entering the question and answer. A winner will be picked on the 26th.

The winner will receive an autograph print copy of Kidnapped Hearts, a Kidnapped Hearts Coffee Mug, and bookmarks.

Each site has a raffle!

Upcoming releases in 2014: Entangled Love

Kidnapped Hearts, Band of Friends Book 1 excerpt:

Paul pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and slid a finger down the side of her face. “Why did you lie? Evidently, you felt like you had to and from the looks of your bruises, you didn’t have much of choice but to obtain a new identity.”

She bit her lips and tried to look passed the tears clouding her vision. “_______.” She couldn’t say anymore. The enormity of what she’d been living with for the last several years, spilled out. She had to be strong for her mother and son.

Jot down the missing word. And don’t forget to check for the next site.

Raffle for Cait Jarrod’s ebook copy of Kidnapped Hearts will run until the 24th

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