Romantic Suspense and Thriller

Next Door Dreams By J.D. Holly

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello everybody! I am J.D. Holly and I am the author of the new romantic suspense novel “Next Door Dreams.” This novel is my very first book that I have ever published, although, I have always scribbled bits of stories down, just never got around to finishing them. When it comes to writing people always say write what you know, so I did! I am from a small town in North Carolina. Now, when I say small, I mean there was one junior high and one high school. Everyone knew everyone else, and in my case I was related to half the school! I also hold a BA in Therapeutic Recreation, thus I know small towns and recreation.

Well enough of the “about me”, I want to get to the good stuff! I love talking to readers and other authors, and will answer any question anyone asks me! I hope everyone likes the snippet below from the first chapter of “Next Door Dreams”, if you want to read a bit more, please download the sample on For those who comment or ask questions, I am offering the chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of my book, a copy of “Daisy Dominatrix” by Jennifer L. Hart, “Being Naughty Can Be So Much Fun” by Rita Sawyer, “Turned” by Virna DePaul, “The Spider” by Jennifer Estep, and a lot of other goodies from some GREAT authors! I think there is something for everyone in that list! Enjoy!!!

Jayson Andrews was at a loss looking at her computer screen. The photo of one of the town’s recreation facilities she was in charge of had been targeted by the graffiti artist again. She couldn’t understand some people’s need to destroy things just because they were there. This was the third one in the last month. The first two were pretty innocuous, just symbols and letters like initials, but this last one had a more sinister feel. The words “Die JA, DIE” in bright red letters was painted on the newly renovated building that had just been reopened. They were her initials, but she didn’t have any enemies. Maybe it was just kids from one of the programs the department ran. She was still trying to figure out why someone would want to do something like this when a knock at her office door pulled her attention away from her laptop.

Shaking her head and pushing the stray strands of hair out of her eyes that had escaped the knot at the back of her head held in place by a pen, she gave her attention to the woman leaning in the doorframe from the hallway.

“Jayson, the copier is eating paper again!” Dianne said in a huff. “I’ve been trying to get the paper to stop jamming for the past half hour; can you take a look at it?”

“Sure Dianne, I’ll take a look,” Jayson answered with a sigh, pushing away from her cluttered desk. Why was she always being asked to fix the office equipment? Oh yeah, she was already on payroll, and repairmen cost money. Lovely small budgets!

Pushing those thoughts aside as well, Jayson left her office on the third floor of Town Hall where the Hammond Recreation Department resided to make her way to the break room on the first floor for paper towels. She’d learned the hard way to go in armed for toner smudges.

Armed now with both wet and dry paper towels, Jayson considered the aging copy machine that dined on paper at least once a week. Finally determining that she was going to have to pry the paper out by hand, she opened the side panel of the machine.
Just as she was beginning to pull the jammed paper free, a deep voice behind her said,
“Well, at least you’re cuter than the last repair guy.” Jayson jumped from the sudden break in her concentration bumping her head in the process.

Looking up at the owner of the voice she rubbed at the sore spot on her head as she looked straight into the most beautiful pair of green eyes she had ever seen, right into the amused face of Matt Heart. Jayson was painfully shy with most men, but handsome men especially. She had been hurt too many times in the past to allow anything to go past just friendship. Friends were easier to get over when they left than lovers. They also didn’t want to change you, like asking you to lose weight and cut your hair and wear outfits that were uncomfortable. With friends she could just be herself. If she ever thought about having a boyfriend again, she thought Matt might be the only person she would risk being hurt again for. He would be worth a little effort.

“You’re a little jumpy today, what’s going on?” he asked as he studied her still wearing a little amused grin.

“Here to arrest me for accosting the copier?” Jayson asked striving for dry humor and ignoring his question. She didn’t want to think about the latest artwork bestowing one of her buildings. So putting the issue out of her mind she started wondering why he was trying to make copies using the copier that the rest of the departments in the aging five story building had to use. The one that the police had to use was much better than this one.

“Are you lost? This isn’t the police department.” She asked the question that was on her mind.