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Romance Super Bundle By Lois Winston

Blog Diva - Friday, October 11, 2013

Talk About Clueless!
Some people write a book, send it off to an agent, and within a week are deciding between several lucrative offers. It does happen. Rarely. For most of us, going from unpublished wannabe to published author is a long and arduous process. Most of us, myself included, start out totally clueless about the world of publishing.
Once upon a time, eighteen years ago, I had a dream. We all dream, but I’m one of those people who hardly ever remembers her dreams. Not this time. This dream was incredibly vivid. It starred people I didn’t know. I had no idea why my subconscious was dwelling on these strangers. Yet night after night their story unfolded like the chapters of a book.
I’m not one of those authors who knew from a very young age that I wanted to grow up to write books. I hadn’t written any fiction since my freshman year of college when we all had to take a semester of Freshman Comp. I had enjoyed writing throughout junior high and high school but never considered it a career choice. Read More

Undercover Lover By Jamie K. Schmidt

Blog Diva - Friday, September 20, 2013


We are having the weirdest weather in Connecticut. We had record high temperatures in the nineties yesterday. The air quality was so bad, I was afraid to go outside—even with my inhaler. Now, tomorrow night it’s going to drop down to thirty degrees.

I’m hot. I’m cold. It’s like a Katy Perry song. I had to drag my son’s spare comforter out and wrap it around me because all my stuff is still in the attic. Luckily, I like Thomas the Tank Engine. I just put my flip flops away, kicking and screaming.

I think publishing is a lot like New England weather. I’ve self published. I’ve gone with small presses. And I have a November release coming out with Entangled Publishing in November and a contemporary romance series coming out with Random House in summer 2014. So I’ve run the gamut of highs and lows. Self publishing was like screaming into the Grand Canyon while wearing earplugs—I couldn’t hear my own echo. The small presses, I learned how to promote myself a little better and with the larger presses, I took what I learned and built on their marketing strategies. Read More

Dangerous Flames By Wendy Ely

Blog Diva - Friday, August 23, 2013

This is a true story. I swear. When I was busy writing Confessions, another character popped into my head. Her name was Gabrielle Felice Medini. Okay, I thought, that's easy enough as soon as I'm done writing the rough draft of my current book. What happened next? The idea that Gabi is the daughter of a Mafia boss formed. Just great. So... I had a make-believe conversation with Gabi.

Me: Gabi, you're an awesome character to write, but you can't have any ties to the mob. Read More

The King By Steven James

Blog Diva - Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Keys to Creativity

Lately I’ve been thinking about creativity, secrets to how it works and how to make it work better for me. Here are a few keys to creativity that have helped me come up with ideas for my novels.  

Explore Your L.I.F.E.
When you don’t know where else to turn, explore L.I.F.E., an acronym for Literature, Imagination, Folklore, and Experience. L.I.F.E. is a limitless well of ideas waiting to be tapped into.  Read More

Out Of The Night By Geri Foster

Blog Diva - Friday, August 09, 2013

My First RomCon® Conference
I’d heard so much about RomCon® before I even signed up for the conference that I thought I’d pretty much had a handle on the situation. Not the case, at all! The whole experience was bigger, better and more AMAZING than I’d expected.

I walked into the hotel, checked my bags and set off for the wild blue yonder. And I was like a child in a candy store. I wanted to do everything, I wanted to take part in everything, and I wanted to immerse myself in the whole experience. The people running the conference were first class! They helped me so much I have to send them my thanks.

I immediately ran into many familiar writers that were either in my chapters, or authors I’d met at other conferences. That was very reassuring. I knew if these savvy ladies were there, I was pretty close to the action, and at the right place. Read More

Pushed To The Edge By Loren Mathis

Blog Diva - Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello RomCon® Readers!

I’m Loren Mathis and I’m a new romantic suspense author. I grew up in a rural town in eastern NC. I went to college at UNC. I started writing my first novel, Pushed to the Edge, during my last year of law school. I am grateful that I’m now able to pursue my dream as a writer, and to share the characters who roam around my head with you.

Pushed to the Edge is my debut novel, and the first novel in my “SEAL Team 14” series. It will be a ten book series and focuses on an elite group of U.S. Navy SEALs. Read More

Sour Cherry By Nichole Severn

Blog Diva - Friday, June 21, 2013

My first night in the safe house turned out to be a disaster.

One twin-sized bed.

Two people.

One of which couldn’t keep her damn hands to herself.

That would be me. Read More

Rescued From The Dark By Lynda Kay Frazier

Blog Diva - Friday, May 31, 2013

I’m Lynda Kay Frazier and an avid reader of romantic suspense. I started writing about a year ago after a vivid dream. I know, sounds cliché, but that’s how it started.  I work full time at a Cardiology clinic, then at night you will find me in front of my computer working on my next story.

Rescued from the Dark, is my first full length novel, and the first in my Guardians of Hope series. It will be an eight book series made up of Special Ops, Navy Seals and FBI Agents who are sanctioned by the government to do rescues they can’t or are not able to do due to restrictions.  Read More

Relentless By Winter Austin

Blog Diva - Friday, May 24, 2013

Creating a Tortured Cop

Writing about cops has been a passion of mine. Writing about a cop who reluctantly falls in love is a topic of deep interest to me. The fact there is a Romantic Suspense/Thriller genre for me to write in makes it better. I've spent years gleaning, researching, and consulting men and women who work or worked in law enforcement to make my detective character as realistic as fictionally possible.

The main character of my series Degrees of Darkness, Detective Remy LeBeau could be considered a cops cop, but he has seen a side of the job that leaves him seriously jaded. He might do his work within the confines of the law, but when pushed far enough he can cross the line. He trusts no one and keeps his partner at arm’s length. Remy has seen enough evil brought about by humans on other humans that he's lost faith in the goodness of people. He walks a fine line between the psychological stages of disenchantment and full-blown cynicism. Read More

Truth and Humility By J.A. Dennam

Blog Diva - Friday, May 17, 2013

Dennam's Cave

This blog post was going to be all about writing action scenes. Because Chapter 12 of my current work-in-progress -- where I was when I created this document -- is loaded with it. But I am deep in the druthers of my writing cave and have procrastinated all the way to Chapter 17.

It was extremely hard for me to stick my nose outside my story and commit to this blog post. I have burrowed in deep for the duration. This is the problem with writing for me. I can start a story and put it down for a day or two while life intervenes. I can even make it to Chapter 5 without compromising my schedule. It's tough, but responsibilities still... Read More