Romantic Suspense and Thriller

Crisis Of Identity By Denise Moncrief

Blog Diva - Friday, May 10, 2013

Last night, after I had spent a long day with a stubborn geriatric convalescent, I opened my work in progress and began to get back into the story. I hadn’t written anything new all day and I was in some major withdrawal. My fingers itched to tap out more riveting plot. As I sat down and opened my Mac, it smacked me right between the eyes. I still hadn’t decided who my villain was and the obvious choice had literally been right at my fingertips all along. I should have sighed with relief, but I had a big problem. I had written this character too nice. Yeah, that’s right. The villain had too many redeeming character traits. So what’s a writer to do? Of course, I had to go back and scan my manuscript looking for places where I needed to nasty him up. After that, the plot began to shine with the sparkle of suspense that had been lacking. Read More

Rescued From The Dark By Lynda Kay Frazier

Blog Diva - Friday, April 19, 2013

I’m Lynda Kay Frazier and an avid reader of romantic suspense. I started writing about a year ago after a vivid dream. I know, sounds cliché, but that’s how it started.  I work full time at a Cardiology clinic, then at night you will find me in front of my computer working on my next story.

Rescued from the Dark, is my first full length novel, and the first in my Guardians of Hope series. It will be an eight book series made up of Special Ops, Navy Seals and FBI Agents who are sanctioned by the government to do rescues they can’t or are not able to do due to restrictions.  Read More

Rose Of Steel By Sandra S. Kerns

Blog Diva - Friday, April 12, 2013

I’m Sandra S. Kerns and I want to welcome you to my version of Writing Right 101.

No this blog post is not worth 3 college credits, sorry.

I’m sure you’ve all heard every rule there is for writing. I mean, really, we all went to grade school where they start you on the never ending road to sentence structure, grammar, and rules (read as the current opinion of the literary world) on everything written.

Don’t panic this blog post is also not a test to see which of you remember what the present form of a past participle is. Is there such a thing? Read More

Slow Burn By Anne Marsh

Blog Diva - Friday, April 05, 2013

Exclusive Excerpt from Slow Burn, by Anne Marsh

The elite of the wildland firefighters, smoke jumpers parachute into the very heart of the smoke and flames. The first and last line of defense between small town Northern California and the fires that burn there every summer, the smoke jumpers are protectors to their core, putting their lives on the line with every jump. Hard-bodied, rough around the edges, and absolutely determined to do whatever it takes to hold the line between the wildfires and civilization, smoke jumpers are the ultimate bad boys of summer who ride into town to protect and defend—and leave as soon as the flames are out. Sometimes, though, those flames aren’t natural. This summer, there’s a serial arsonist burning up Strong... and he just might be a fellow firefighter.

I’m thrilled share this exclusive excerpt from Slow Burn, my second Smoke Jumpers book from Kensington Brava. Read More

A Matter Of Trust By Sandy Loyd

Blog Diva - Friday, March 29, 2013

Hi! I’m SO excited to be back. Thank you, Karen and RomComInc, for hosting me today.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Sandy Loyd. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City and consider myself a Western girl through and through. Though I love the west, I didn’t stay there as long as I wanted to. My job in sales meant extensive traveling and relocating. I’ve worked and lived in some of the most fabulous places in the US, including South Florida. I now call the blue grass state of Kentucky home, where I write full time. I will admit that as much as I love Louisville, I miss the Wasatch Mountains in Utah and need to go back to my roots to get my mountain fix at least once a year. It helps refresh my muse and keeps me writing.

To date, I’ve published eight books with several in the works. The first four are contemporary romances set in the Bay Area of San Francisco or the Florida Keys. I’ve also published four Romantic Suspense novels. A Matter of Trust is my latest and one that I loved writing.  Read More

Gemini Rain By Lj McEvoy

Blog Diva - Friday, March 22, 2013

So What Exactly Have I Let Myself In For..?

Well, this is it! This is what I’ve done, making trouble for myself yet again.

I contemplated using an excerpt from my book, of which I love every single word, paragraph and chapter (I know I’m biased). But choosing which part proved harder than sitting down and writing what I wanted to say, how to express my excitement, my joy and my boldness in actually publishing a book. “Who has the audacity?” I constantly asked myself. Well actually when I did the research, perhaps I wasn’t so brave after all. I now feel I’ve joined a worldwide club called “indie authors” and it’s fantastic - a collection of artistic people who, in previous years, would have never got passed the ‘in-box tray’ of a publishing house. Read More

Careful What You Wish For By Paula Millhouse

Blog Diva - Friday, March 15, 2013

“How did you come up with that idea?”

When I wrote my first novel, I wanted to focus on a strong female lead stopping bad guys from doing bad things. I stumbled upon INTERPOL’s website. Scary! Amidst the fright of looking at the FBI’s Most Wanted List, a visceral reaction hit me. My terrified brain asked: What if an author got caught up in a bad guy’s web?

BAM – A novel was born. CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…

Evie Longfellow showed up for work the next day. She introduced herself as an up-and-coming author in New York City. Problem was, Evie wanted more out of life – she wanted a husband and a family. No shrinking violet’s allowed.

She agreed to a blind date with the wrong guy. One of the most nefarious serial killers in the mafia, Paulie Marino picked Evie as his 16th victim.  Read More

An Eye For Danger By Christine M. Fairchild

Blog Diva - Friday, March 01, 2013

Creating Sexy Heroes, Inside & Out

What makes a hero sexy really depends on the reader, not the author. As the author, I can choose what is sexy to me, but I'm one person. If I choose what's sexy to readers, that's thousands of folks who get a dose of yummy!

So while my hero, Sam Fields, in my Romantic Suspense An Eye For Danger is definitely sexy to me, I used various traits to help him be sexy to you, the reader. Sure, I made him tall, muscular and tough, with all-American handsome features akin to a guy in an Outdoor magazine article. He's that rough-around the collar cop with a wicked sense of humor. A man even other men would want to have a beer with. Read More

Defiant By P.J. O'Dwyer

Blog Diva - Wednesday, February 13, 2013


When love turns deadly, the beloved play dead.

Western Maryland farm girl Kate Fallon wanted more than horse pastures. Now a trial lawyer in the affluent Annapolis law arena and married to multi-millionaire Jack Reynolds, also the U. S. Attorney of Maryland, she’s got it all—at least everyone thinks so.

Behind closed doors, Jack is as cruel as he is intelligent, as controlling as he is handsome. When his tirades turn physical, Kate must fight for her life. But her efforts to leave him will take her down a rabbit hole to secrets she doesn’t fully understand, and that Jack will kill to suppress.

Two years later, Kate’s keeping secrets of her own. Living as Charlie Robertson, a take-no-crap general contractor, she’s secure most days knowing her nightmare is right where she left him—two thousand miles due east under FBI scrutiny. Wielding a nail gun instead of a briefcase suits her, as does the small mining town of Creede, Colorado. With its scenic views and open spaces, life is simple and so are her rules: Lock all doors, check for signs she’s been followed, and don’t get involved romantically ever again.  Read More

Necessary Detour by Kim Hornsby

Blog Diva - Friday, February 08, 2013

Confessions of a Rock Star...Smoke and Mirrors

I am a rock star. (So are you, but more on that at the end.)

Although I used to sing in bands, had an international infomercial and opened for Jamie Foxx, Jay Leno and Maya Angelou, I now write novels. The days of leather pants and sidling up to the guitar player while he executes his guitar solo are over. Thank goodness. You’ve heard the phrase smoke and mirrors? Most rock stars are actually quite normal, lovely people, and I can tell you first hand that they all try to achieve a degree of normalcy after the initial ‘I’m so full of myself’ stage wears off. I sang in a rock band when I was in my early twenties but soon changed to pop music and later jazz and then theater. But, I hung around enough famous musicians over the years to know that the illusion of the rock star is just that. An illusion. At least for the older ones. Read More