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Reflection By Kim Cresswell

Blog Diva - Friday, February 01, 2013

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

This is the most asked question of authors, especially suspense, thriller, and mystery authors.

My ideas come from many different places such as movies, conversations and experiences to name a few.

Occasionally, an idea smacks me in the side of the head. Such is the case with a book I'm working on, a supernatural mystery. The idea came from a terrifying dream—the perfect scenario for the story's villain, a serial killer.

I don’t always use ideas right away. I keep an “idea” folder on my computer and it grows every day. When I'm ready to start a new book I scan the contents and bang a plot begins to emerge.

I watch the news, read the paper, and search the Internet looking for interesting stories that make me ask the question, “What if?” Read More

Serial Games By K. Victoria Chase

Blog Diva - Friday, January 04, 2013

Special Sneak Peak of Serial Games: Virginia Justice Book One

Maggie recalled how close Deckker stood next to Brandon when she mentioned the vehicle likely linked to Burrows. Maggie bit her lip. She also recalled how Brandon didn't edge away from her either. He sat in the chair, relaxed, and un-intimidated. Brandon was a hunter and Deckker was a huntress. They would work well together, not only on the job but also in life. Read More

Deceptions Of The Heart By Denise Moncrief

Blog Diva - Friday, December 21, 2012

My name is Denise Moncrief, and I live in Louisiana with one husband, two children, and one very chubby canine. My family not only endures my writing moods, but also encourages me to indulge my writing passion. An accountant by day and a writer of romantic suspense by night, I lead a very busy and joyous life. I’ve been writing off and on since I was seventeen, and with several stories already published, I have no desire to slow down. Read More

Rafael By K. Victoria Chase

Blog Diva - Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Special Sneak Peak of Rafael:
The Santiago Brothers Book One

Winters’ gaze tightened on Rafa. Genie’s throat went dry. He wouldn’t blame Rafa for what happened, would he? Would Lieutenant Winters ship him back to California?  Read More

The Sin Factor By Sandy Loyd

Blog Diva - Friday, November 30, 2012

Hi! I’m SO excited to be here. Thank you, Karen and RomComInc, for inviting me today. Believe it or not, this is my first time blogging and I am jazzed to have this opportunity to introduce myself.

I consider myself a Western girl through and through. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City. I have had the opportunity to work and live in some fabulous places in the US, including South Florida. I now call Kentucky home, where I write full time. I will admit that as much as I love my current hometown, I miss the mountains and need to go back to my roots to get my mountain fix at least once a year.  Read More

The Delphi Bloodline by Donna Del Oro

Blog Diva - Friday, October 12, 2012

Interview of Athena, the Modern-day descendant of the Bloodline

THE DELPHI BLOODLINE: A smart, romantic thriller about an ancient bloodline of psychic women, the ruthless tycoon who wants to enslave them, the mysterious man who wants to protect them, and the modern-day descendant who must fight to stay alive and free!

Interviewer: You’re twenty-six, a lovely young woman and an acclaimed artist. Has it been difficult to maintain a low profile as a gifted psychic and heir of the Delphi Bloodline?  Read More

Dead Reckoning by CJ Snyder

Blog Diva - Thursday, September 06, 2012

I wanted to share with you today an excerpt from my second book, Dead Reckoning. Enjoy! --CJ

Seven Years Ago

“He’s here.”

Mykael tried not to react to the icy shiver of his words echoing along her spine.

“How do you know?”

“I know.”

“Where?” Peter glanced at the only entrance to their shelter. 

“There.  He’ll wait for me to come out.” 

She knew he saw the terror in her eyes when he looked back, saw him try to take back the words. 

“Maybe I’m wrong, Maria.”

“You aren’t wrong.”

“We don’t know it’s him.”  Read More