Romantic Suspense and Thriller

The Delphi Bloodline by Donna Del Oro

Friday, October 12, 2012

Interview of Athena, the Modern-day descendant of the Bloodline

THE DELPHI BLOODLINE: A smart, romantic thriller about an ancient bloodline of psychic women, the ruthless tycoon who wants to enslave them, the mysterious man who wants to protect them, and the modern-day descendant who must fight to stay alive and free!

Interviewer: You’re twenty-six, a lovely young woman and an acclaimed artist. Has it been difficult to maintain a low profile as a gifted psychic and heir of the Delphi Bloodline?

Athena: Oh yes! After I was attacked by the brother of a rapist I helped the San Francisco Police Department put away, I left the city and fled to the high desert of Nevada.

Interviewer: Is that where your brother, Chris, and Kas Skoros found you?

Athena: Much to my surprise, Chris shows up with this stranger, this Greek-American whose mother is a distant cousin to my own mother. After Mama disappears, they feel I am now at risk. At first, I don’t trust him—he’s too handsome, too slick, too…well, aggressive.

Interviewer: You’re an acclaimed artist who used to run an art gallery in San Francisco. Do you miss that part of your life, isolated up here in the mountains of Nevada?

Athena: Very much so! I want my life to return to normal as soon as possible. Here in Reno, I’m staying in practice by painting dead celebrities at a gallery inside a hotel-casino. Kas Skoros wants to be my Guardian, but I don’t need his help.

Interviewer: Dead celebrities?

Athena: Yeah, like Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe. Because they’ve passed on, I don’t receive messages from their spirits. You see, whenever I touch someone, I get information about that person from The Flow. I can’t touch dead celebrities, so I can concentrate on my painting and not on their inner souls and life experiences.

Interviewer: You seem very independent and said you don’t need help from one of the Bloodline’s Guardians. Isn’t Kas Skoros there to help you? Save you from being kidnapped or worse?

Athena: So he says. When he proves himself, I’ll start trusting him. I can’t touch him, for then I can read his mind. And what he has on his mind—regarding me—is X-rated!

Interviewer: Huh, I wonder why. Well, good luck with that.

Chapter One
Pyramid Valley, Nevada
Thursday AM

Athena Butler’s eyes blinked open and she sat up. 

Coming back from The Flow was always jolting. Emerging from the stream of spirits was like a water skier lurching out of the water, pulled by a strong, invisible force. The mind caught up later to the body as if it required a rough snap to break free.

Likewise, to go there was like jumping out of a plane and feeling the air rush to your face, your limbs weightless and wobbly. Most of the time, it was a joy to enter this world of unseen spirits. Athena welcomed her visits, especially at night when she found herself invariably alone.

When she was a child, she’d often emerge from The Flow with a fearful whimper and a cry. She’d wept and wanted to stay in The Flow. Now, at twenty-six, Athena had grown accustomed to her mental flights. They were no longer fear-inducing for she understood their purpose. But her exits were still mind-wrenching and she often lay in bed afterwards, disoriented.

This morning, fear clutched her heart and she could barely breathe. With a trembling hand, she reached for her phone.

Breathless, she raked her other hand through her hair and kicked her legs over the side of the bed.  Six AM, Nevada time. She punched her mother’s mobile numbers. It was nine o’clock in D.C.

“Thank God, Mama! Where are you?”

“I’m in Baltimore, near the—.”

“Mama, I had a dream about you. A Flow Dream. The spirits—they want me to warn you! Whatever you’re doing right now, get off the streets.  Go home and lock the door. Call the police!”

Her heart felt like a ticking bomb in her chest.  Athena could barely speak. But her mother knew her and understood her Flow dreams. They were seldom wrong though sometimes a little off in timing. Today, a threat was imminent. She knew it.

“Slow down, Thena. Take a deep breath and tell me slowly about your dream. I don’t doubt you but we must be able to interpret it correctly. You know how these Flow Dreams are. Sometimes the symbolism is strange and difficult to interpret.”

“Okay—just go home and lock the door. Now, Mama!” 

Athena had to swallow hard and take big gulps of air in order to speak. Losing her mother was unthinkable. She’d already lost her father, and in a way, her brother.

“Where are you, Mama?” 

She inhaled and counted to five. Her mother wasn’t in Georgetown, where she lived with her second husband. Athena sensed water nearby, a large body of water. Her mind jumped ahead. The body of water in her terrifying dream was vast, a bay leading to the ocean. The Baltimore harbor—of course!

“Near downtown Baltimore. I’m heading toward a section of the city where I believe a little girl’s body was hidden. The police need the evidence from that location.  They think she was hidden somewhere, killed and then a day or two later dumped into the bay. I think I’ve found the monster’s hideout.”

“Mama—” “I had a session with the homicide detective last night.

I handled a few articles of the poor child’s clothing, what she was wearing when they found her. I got some visions so I drove up here to pinpoint the location. It’s not in a very nice part of town but I thought I’d drive around, and then call Detective Bonner when I got something.”

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