Romantic Suspense and Thriller

The Hero's Companion By Amy Lignor

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sneak Peek at Book III of ‘The Tallent & Lowery Series’
The Hero’s Companion…

“We are about to begin our descent.”

Even though she’d escaped the confines of the plane over an hour ago, the voice of the annoyingly perky flight attendant seemed to be ingrained in Leah Tallent’s mind. She was still saturated with sweat from the claustrophobic cabin; the rancid odor of the re-circulated air that smelled like the regurgitated breath of a minion from Hell still clung to her clothes.

Leah tried to shake the thoughts from her mind as she stared out the window at the new layer of snow on the fields. The blanket of ice was smothering the dark green New England countryside.

Leah was so filled with anxiety that she could barely feel Gareth Lowery’s cold, clammy hand clenched in hers. Exhaustion wracked her body as pictures flashed through her mind like snapshots from an unbelievable nightmare . . .

It seemed like only yesterday that Leah had rushed from her parent’s holiday table to arrive at the side of Gareth’s sister in Los Angeles, after they’d received a frantic phone call from his sister begging him and Leah to hurry up and come quickly in order to find Kathryn’s missing fiancé, Emmanuel. From there, they uncovered a secret that was buried in the words of the ‘Bard of Avon,’ leading the trio to a forgotten cave where two extremely famous brothers were buried, a well-known family that shared a truly unbreakable bond. Leah could still feel the power of the brilliant blue light that’d come from the famous Sapphire Staff as she’d held the artifact in her trembling hands. The news, the secrets uncovered, the legends proven, the battle they faced . . . and won—all of this was a mess inside Leah’s usually well-organized librarian mind.

Dropping her head back against the limousine’s pristine leather seat, Leah sighed, knowing that the frightening adventure was now far behind them. Kathryn and
Emmanuel had married after the harrowing trip had ended. Their wedding at the historic monastery had been beautiful; millions of doves had soared into the sky announcing the start of a life filled with peace and love.

Leah and Gareth had held hands when the newlyweds embarked on their honeymoon to the warm sands of a private island, reveling in the fact that they were together and, thankfully, very much alive.

Soon, Leah knew they would be heading to France in order to get back to work. For the next few months Emmanuel and Kathryn would be helping UNESCO repair and preserve Chartres Cathedral—the place that’d served as the location for Leah’s showdown between good and evil.

Keeping her eyes closed, Leah tried her best to ignore the cold that was infiltrating her veins. She thought back to the luxurious hotel where Gareth had taken her to rest after everything had been solved and ‘good’ had actually been victorious once again. She so missed that brief pause—that brief moment of peace she’d felt while lying by Gareth’s amazing form in a room that looked like a scene taken directly from the Arabian Nights.

Leah also tried to fill her mind with the face of Mary, the ten-year-old little girl who’d sworn her eternal allegiance and friendship to Leah for saving her life. But neither of those two fantastic memories would stay in Leah’s mind for long. They were no match for the fear that she knew was coming . . .

All she could remember was the harsh voice coming through the telephone interrupting her serenity, informing her that Leah’s father had been taken. All she could hear playing over and over again in her head was, Merry Christmas, Princess. You’d better come home soon or the only thing you’ll find at the bottom of the sea is your father’s dead body.

Leah dropped her head in her hands as tears of frustration and fear ran down her cold cheeks. She had no idea what she and Gareth would be walking into when they pulled up in front of her childhood home. Her father was everything to her, and Leah could not even fathom what happened to him. He was so kind and had so many friends—who on Earth would possibly want to hurt a man like that?

She tried to calm her ragged breathing and turned to stare at the love of her life. Except for a jaw that was clamped tight, Gareth’s face was expressionless. Leah knew he was feeling the pain and agony that was washing through her soul. After all, they were a part of each other. They’d stood before both Heaven and Hell together and then, Leah laughed to herself; the relationship had really gotten interesting.

It was so dark. There were no stars, no moon—only the all-consuming blackness met her gaze. Leah took a deep breath, fighting the fear that was raging inside her soul. “It’ll be just fine. We’ll figure everything out once we get there,” she whispered to any entity listening and then allowed her normal calm, controlled persona to take over.

The Head Librarian of Research at the New York Public Library took her rightful place, basically shoving the scared little girl out of the way. The card catalogue in Leah’s brain sprang to life, as she searched for any information buried in there that could better help her to understand.

Frustration weighed like an anvil on her chest when she came up with nothing. There were no images from the past that would lead her to believe someone she’d once met was now holding the power to end her father’s life.

As her brain continued to swirl like a tornado, all Leah could hear was that perky stewardess announcing the fact that Tallent and Lowery were, indeed, beginning their descent.

Although what they were descending into was anyone’s guess.

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