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Truth Be Told By Marsha R. West

Friday, May 23, 2014

I’m thrilled to be here at the RomCon® Blog for Romantic Suspense Authors. When I attended the conference last summer, my first book, VERMONT ESCAPE, hadn’t released yet. It came out July 19 2013 and is now a Romantic Suspense nominee for the Readers’ Crown award this year. Regardless of that, people warmly welcomed me as a new author. Such a blast!

No wonder I’m looking forward to returning this summer as the author of TWO published books! MuseItUp Publishing e-released TRUTH BE TOLD, May 16. I write Romance, Suspense, Second Chances. Experience Required. My characters have been around for a while and taken some hard knocks. They’re not looking for love. Will love find them? Well, let’s see.


An Atlanta SWAT member visiting her family in Fort Worth at Christmas wants to stop the person blackmailing her father. Teaming with her brother & his former homicide detective partner to discover the truth, she hadn’t expected to fall in love.


“Dad, glad it’s just you.” Meg’s voice wasn’t as strong as she intended. Her father didn’t respond. Didn’t he hear her? He threw a crumpled paper across the room, and then he sank into the chair behind his desk. His head cradled between his hands.

Adrenalin kicked through her system shooting lightning spikes down her arms. “Dad, is something wrong?” Again, no response. Meg moved further into the study. The pipe smoke smell dimly registered. Was he having a heart attack? She stopped in front of his desk. “Dad?” Almost shouted the word.

“What?” He raised his head, but his gaze darted around the room.

Didn’t he recognize her?

“Meg?” He shoved his hair off his forehead and dragged in a breath. “When did you arrive?” He asked in a voice tight with strain. His gaze never connected with hers.

Not a heart attack. Thank God. She let out a huff of air. “A while ago. Are you all right?”
Her father placed his hands on the desk and straightened into the ramrod posture she’d seen all her life.

“Everything’s fine.”

He used the same word Meg did when things were the opposite of all right.

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