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Friday, December 26, 2014

The power of Gratitude.

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions because I learned many years ago to live in the now. Cancer at only 30 years old tends to give you a new perspective on life. Fast forward nearly thirty years, and I’ve learned something new and very powerful, gratitude.

Here’s how it began.

At first, I tried to keep a Gratitude Journal, but I only lasted a couple of weeks. Then one day, and I don’t recall why, I posted my gratitude on Facebook, and many people responded. Well, that wasn’t what I’d expected, but it pushed me to post again the next night, and the next.

So what? Why is that such a big deal?

Ah, the surprise benefits.

First of all, by having to come up with something to write each night, I started paying attention to little things throughout my day. There were moments of “oh, look at how pretty that blue flower is in among all the yellow ones,” or “wow, it’s really nice that the rain let up long enough for the sun to peek out,” or I’d notice when someone smiled at me.

Secondly, by taking the minutes to write about the cool little things, I let go of a great deal of the day’s angst. Thinking about pretty flowers tamed the demons of what if, and perhaps, which used to dog me at the end of a day. It was almost like a little tidbit of meditation, or yoga, and I found myself falling asleep much more easily when I went to bed.

Thirdly, my Facebook friends like my posts! Every now and again I’ll get a message from someone who was having a bad day and thanked me for reminding them of the little things to be grateful for. Sometimes people add their own gratitude comments, and sometimes there are lots of likes.

Finally, by doing the post on Facebook, and by having people commenting etc., I have managed to make my Gratitude posts a habit. I do one every single day, with very few exceptions. For me, that’s huge because I have a lazy streak!

So, today, what am I grateful for? That’s an easy one. The pink streaks of a rainy-day sunset, the purring cat in my lap, and this opportunity to share my thoughts with you, and hopefully make someone smile.

What about you? What little, or big things are you grateful for today?

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