Taken by her Mates by Grace Goodwin

Michele Callahan - Friday, July 08, 2016

Taken By Her Mates by Grace Goodwin (An Interstellar Bride book)

After being set up and found guilty of a crime she didn’t commit, Jessica volunteers for the Interstellar Bride Program to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. She is assigned to a prince, the heir to the throne of the powerful planet Prillon, but her future is left in doubt when the match is rejected by Prillon’s current ruler.

When his own father seeks to banish him and deny him his right to a mate, Prince Nial takes matters into his own hands. Accompanied by a battle-tested warrior who volunteers as his second, he sets out for Earth to take what is his, but upon his arrival he quickly discovers that the same horrifying enemies who once took him captive now hunt his mate as well.

Though believing she has been rejected by a mate she never even met stings more deeply than she would like to admit, Jessica does her best to focus on the dangerous task of bringing down the people who framed her. But before long, her world is turned upside down all over again when two huge, handsome aliens save her life and then inform her that she is their matched mate and they have come to Earth to claim her.  Read More

Sophia (The Brides of San Francisco Book 4) by Cynthia Woolf

Michele Callahan - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Sophia (The Brides of San Francisco Book 4) -- An excerpt: 

Mrs. Selby handed Sophia a photograph of a man in uniform. He had light hair and eyes. He was terribly good looking. Too handsome, for someone like her.
“I don’t think he’d want me. What if I get there and he decides he doesn’t want to marry me?”

"First, that won’t happen. It has not happened to me yet. Second, if by chance he does change his mind, he must still pay for your room and board at the hotel for at least two months. Long enough for you to find another potential husband or to decide to come back to New York. He would also pay your return passage. So, you see, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
“Mrs. Selby—” “Please, call me Margaret.”

“Margaret. I still can’t believe he won’t take a look at me and change his mind.” Read More