Heart of Delight by Jenna Jaxon

Michele Callahan - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Heart of Delight by Jenna Jaxon

Hal smiled, moved back to his spot in front of the balcony rail, and settled on the floor once more. Best steel himself to go down and do his duty by all the young ladies. When had his life become so filled with obligation? “Ah.”

Hal shook his head. “What have you forgott—” He twisted his head toward the doorway and froze.

The young lady who stood before him was definitely not Lady Celinda Graham. Medium height, with golden brown hair, a face fresh as cream, and perfectly bowed lips, she would have been exceptional even without the startling glass-green eyes. Dressed in an unremarkable dull brown dress, she could not be one of Lady Hamilton’s guests, although, with her beauty, she certainly should have been.

“Oh, pardonnez-moi, monsieur.” The young woman’s flawless French accent recalled a particular Mademoiselle Cozette from his brief but satisfying sojourn in Brussels several years ago. He shook off the memory. What was this woman doing here?

“Bonsoir, mademoiselle,” he said, rising from the floor to bow. He hoped she would speak again. Her lilting, vibrant voice would haunt his dreams.

“Bonsoir, monsieur.” She wrinkled her petite nose. “You are English, n’est-ce pas?”

“I am. My French is abominable, but I hoped to impress you with what I remember of it.” Hal smiled. He’d never got the hang of languages other than his own.

The girl laughed, tossing her head. “You have a good accent for an Englishman.”

“Thank you.”

She glanced from the balcony rail to the doorway and bit her lip.

“Is there some way I may be of service to you, Mademoiselle…?” He must know the name of this beautiful creature. Read More

Love Me, Master Me by Anya Summers

Michele Callahan - Saturday, September 17, 2016

Love Me, Master Me by Anya Summers

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Delilah Gregory is an opera superstar, enchanting the world with her soaring voice and voluptuous form. When her long-time friend, Declan, asks her to perform at his wedding, she can't refuse, and heads to Mullardoch Manor in Scotland. She's looking forward to finding a Dom to play with while she's there, although with the demands of her career, and still recovering from her ex's betrayal, the last thing on earth she's looking for is an actual relationship.

Bastian Dean is a rock star, playing to sold-out stadiums worldwide. His bedroom tastes have always been on the wild side, and the only way he can find satisfaction is when he has a bound submissive begging for his touch. Unlike most rock stars, he keeps his dalliances to bona fide members of the Dungeon Fantasy Club – and as far away from the tabloids as possible. When he meets the ethereal beauty Delilah at the manor, Bastian is determined to enjoy the beautiful, submissive woman's bounty.
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New Release! Mastered by Her Mates by Grace Goodwin

Michele Callahan - Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hot New Release from bestselling author Grace Goodwin:
Mastered by Her Mates

Amanda Bryant has been a spy for five long years, but when aliens suddenly appear claiming a deadly enemy threatens Earth's very survival, Amanda is asked by her superiors to accept the most dangerous mission of her life...volunteer to be an alien's bride, to share the strange warrior's bed and then betray him. 

Accepting the assignment, Amanda is processed as the first Interstellar Bride and transported halfway across the galaxy to her new mate's battleship where she awakens to discover she has been matched to not just one huge Prillon warrior, but two.
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Water Bearer by Wendi Christner

Michele Callahan - Saturday, September 10, 2016

Water Bearer by Wendi Christner

Seven years ago, Cassidy accidentally set the fire that killed her parents. Now, she has an opportunity to move away from the tiny farming community she grew up in and leave the ghosts behind. But spending one last summer with Jared, her best friend, means leaving behind more than she ever imagined.
This moving, bittersweet story of everlasting love and forgiveness lingers long beyond the final page. Written by the author of Writer's Digest Short-Short Story Contest winner "Throwing Stones." Read More

Their Stolen Bride by Vanessa Vale

Blog Diva - Sunday, September 04, 2016


Get this steamy standalone in the Bridgewater Menage Series:

Being the daughter of a Butte copper king won’t buy Mary Millard happiness, especially when she discovers her father’s plan to marry her to a cruel man. Desperate, Mary makes an arrangement with a man she meets on a train: pretend to be my intended so I can delay the inevitable. But little does she know it isn’t one man who will save her, but two.

Parker and Sully know the second they meet a beautiful passenger on the train to Butte that she will be their bride. They expected to court her properly, to acclimate to the unusual custom of being the wife of two men. Instead, she turns to them with an insane scheme to protect herself from a man they know to be anything but kind. But a fiancé won’t protect her from a bad marriage. Only a husband can do that.

When Mary weds her Bridgewater men, she learns that while she has javascript:void(0)two big cowboys to protect her from her past, it’s possible she has the power to save them right back.  Read More

First time ever - $.99 SALE on Mated to the Warriors by Grace Goodwin

Michele Callahan - Sunday, September 04, 2016

ONE WEEK ONLY! (Sept 4 - 11)
First time ever - $.99 SALE on Mated to the Warriors by Grace Goodwin

When circumstances leave her with little choice but to volunteer for the Interstellar Bride Program, Hannah Johnson finds herself matched with not one but two mates. Her soon-to-be husbands are warriors of the planet Prillon, a world whose men are known far and wide for their prowess both in battle and in bed.

Following her transport to a starship halfway across the galaxy, Hannah awakens in the presence of Zane Deston, the huge, fiercely handsome commander of the Prillon fleet. After informing her that she is now his mate, as well as the mate of his second, Zane takes it upon himself to supervise as Hannah is thoroughly examined. Her failure to properly cooperate with the ship’s doctor earns her a painful, embarrassing spanking, but it is her body’s response to the exam which truly leaves her blushing.

Though Hannah is shocked by the prospect of being shared by Zane and his second, the equally handsome warrior Dare, she cannot hide her arousal as her two dominant mates take their time in mastering her body. As the day of the claiming ceremony approaches, Hannah begins to long for the moment when Zane and Dare will make her fully theirs, but can she risk giving her heart to men who might die in battle any day?

Publisher’s Note: Mated to the Warriors is a stand-alone book set in the same world as Assigned a Mate. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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